Monday, May 20, 2013

Oscar Mayer Bacon Hot Dogs - cheap at Walmart!

image from Kraft brands website
Have you tried Oscar Mayer's Bacon Hot Dogs yet?  I grabbed a pack this weekend, having found them at a local Walmart on rollback to $1.50 a pack, but with a peelie coupon for $1/1, making the 8 pack just 50 cents.

What did I think?  I liked them!  I can be quite the hot dog snob.  We usually bring home Smith Provision hot dogs from Erie when we return from visiting family, meting them out periodically like they're a precious commodity.  I am a baconophile and wanted to try these when I saw them announced on the brand's Facebook page.

As for bacon, it won't taste like a strip of bacon, but there's a definite bacon note in the dog.  Just enough to have a bacony taste, but not so overwhelming you want to have a side of eggs because you think it tastes too much like regular bacon.  I give it two thumbs up!  I will be going back to grab a few more packs at this special price and may just grill a few over the Memorial Day holiday on the grill.
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