Friday, July 05, 2013

Staples sneak peek ad for 7/7: Penny deals not to be missed!

My local  Staples has a few penny deals that I won't be missing coming up starting with Sunday 7/7 ad and I hope yours does too. Your ad may vary from mine, so be sure to visit to check your local store's upcoming ad.  There may or may not be a minimum purchase requirement.  Past years have shown some areas to have a required amount to spend (usually $5), while others haven't.  YMMV.

Penny deals with $5 minimum purchase:

Staples cap erasers -- limit 2
Staples note cards -- limit 2
Bic Round Stic pens -- limit 2

Penny after rebate:

Staples copy paper -- limit 2 (price is $6.99 at purchase with $6.98 in Rewards coming back to you later)

.25 deals

Avery Insertable dividers (5 tabs) - limit 2

There are also lots of $1-$2 deals, but I am going to hold out because I know I can get some items much cheaper (particularly glue sticks).

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