Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Our family's dog, Philly, loved our daughter at first sight.  When we brought our child home from the hospital, Philly was the first to greet her at the door and that's pretty much when the guard dog (non-existent until then in her Beagle/Dalmatian personality) came out in her.  I have photos of Philly guarding Sara while she was happily nursing and many of Philly in the near vicinity of Sara all throughout her childhood.  That dog knew how to photobomb!

Almost from the start, my dog threw me over in favor of the squalling infant.  Philly never had to worry that a baby would replace her as my "favorite child."  Oh no.  She proactively took matters in her own paws and basically reassigned herself to Sara, thus cutting me out of favored status.  Wherever Sara was, Philly was usually lounging nearby.

Graham crackers for me?  Or the doggie?
Philly most especially guarded Sara while she was eating.  If Sara didn’t like what we fed her, it never went to waste because it went to the dog.  Philly, never one to desert her post when there was food near, knew that sooner or later, something good was coming down from up above. She would eagerly wait to see what it would be, whether it was spaghetti to slurp, graham crackers to grab, cereal to chase, or even bananas that Sara projectile vomited once.  

Philly sure wasn't picky about sloppy seconds.  But it was less mess to clean up!  She never minded the days that it rained graham crackers down on her head. 

And so that was how Sara trained our dog to be the best companion ever to a little kid.  It was love at first sight for Philly and that love was cemented over food as Sara grew older.  Philly stuck close because she knew that where there was little kids, there was the opportunity to have frequent snacks.  Dropped munchies never made it to the dust bin because they were gone in an instant. Never mind the three-second rule.

As Sara grew older and out of a high chair, Philly positioned herself squarely under the dinner table, right in the middle where she could conduct surveillance for dropped morsels (whether on purpose or on accident). 

Graduating from baby foods to toddler ones meant even more delicious foods would come her way. Adding a second child just meant more opportunities for between meal snacking!  We were never able to break Philly of her habit hanging around the dinner table, so eventually we just gave in.

Once, a few years ago, my son knocked over a full glass of milk that went right through the seam in the middle of the table.  Yep. Philly was right there to lap up the spilled milk and didn't seem to mind the surprise milk bath.

Sadly, we lost Philly a few years ago.  I miss her awesome crumb clean up capabilities and just last week I admonished my son for the corn on the floor by his chair at the dinner table.  "We don't have a dog to clean that up for you, you know!" I said to him.  Yeah, we miss that dog!

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This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Happy Family blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.
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