Friday, December 06, 2013

Wonder Loom and other rubber band bracelet makers --- hot toy for tween girls this year!

Wracking your brain for an idea of what to get a 12 year old?  Me too!  I started seeing her come home with rubber band bracelets (think those little round ones you find in with hair clips, brushes, etc.).   Here's a link to one you might find at Walmart (though my Walmart had a cheaper price than online for the one they had on display):

I also spied a loom at AC Moore and they actually had theirs limit 1, so you could only buy one loom at a time.  They had a spectacular amount of different colored bands too, which you'll want to stock up on.

If you wanted to make some yourself without a loom, I think you could do it with just a crochet hook and some patience.  The rubber bands sold in concert with the kits at the stores I have seen them at also included the clips, which you'll need to secure the rubber bands in a bracelet shape. 
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