Saturday, July 05, 2014

Superpoints is back! {Referral link inside - you must sign up again even if you were a past member}

Points sites come and go, and sometimes they even come back.  Superpoints has relaunched and if you were a member before, you will need to sign up for Superpoints again. 

What's more, the Super Lucky Button is also back and you, too, can earn points by referring your friends and family to the site.

When you sign up, you'll need to complete your profile and choose a reward you're working toward.  I chose a glow ball.  But you can change that at any time.  It will just notify you that you've gotten enough points to redeem for the prize you selected as a goal.

Connect your account to Facebook under 'Start Earning Now' and get an easy 150 SP.  Answer surveys and watch videos for additional points.

And of course, refer your friends and you'll earn points when they complete activities.  When you refer, just be sure to tell them to sign up at the site, click the confirmation link in their email, complete their profile, and click the Super Lucky Button at least once so you'll get credit for referring them to Superpoints.

Disclosure:  PinchingAbe receives points from SuperPoints for referring you and if you happen to get lucky on the Super Lucky Button. 
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