Saturday, September 13, 2014

Walmart's White Cloud TP ranked higher than Charmin by Consumer Reports

Toilet paper is so expensive these days.  The rolls get shorter  by the sheet, even by size as I've noticed that the rolls are actually shorter when stood on end.  And don't get me started on  that piece of cardboard's diameter grows just about every time I turn around.  All in all, downsizing of product per roll and upsizing of cardboard means that a roll of TP just doesn't last as long as it used to, even a few years ago.

I was somewhat surprised to read that Walmart's White Cloud toilet paper ranked very highly in a Consumer Reports test of 19 brands. ( Read about that here.  ) Like higher than Charmin and other brands that I rotate buying, depending upon a sale or coupon or combo of both.  I must confess, I'm rather shocked.  I typically find paper goods of store brands do not perform as well as name brand. 

Have you tried White Cloud Toilet Paper?   I tried --- I couldn't find any coupons, but their site says to like the brand on Facebook for future coupon offerings.
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