Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Food Lion Holiday Tickets promo is back (collect 6 of 8)

Food Lion runs these holiday programs in the fall and spring and it's a great way to help offset the huge cost of a holiday meal.  Considering the cost of a thanksgiving meal was nearly $50 last year, getting a $20 coupon to help pay for the fixings is a great help to families.

How the Shop, Collect, Earn holiday $20 coupon program works:
  • Shop 6 of 8 weeks and spend at least $40 to earn the ticket.  The $40 does not include typical things like gift cards, alcohol, lottery, tobacco, stamps, and services like Western Union.
  • Keep your tickets in a safe place (I can't tell you how many I misplaced!) and save them up until you have at least 6 to be able to claim your ticket.  The last time I claimed, this was able to be done at the register versus the service desk.  
  • In order to have the ticket generated at the catalina machine, you will need to ensure that your purchases are done between 10/1 and 11/25.  If you do not receive a catalina, ask for it before you leave the store.  Sometimes things happen!  But stay and ask them to get you a ticket generated.
  • You will have until 12/9 to redeem your tickets for the $20 coupon.
  • The $20 coupon expires on 12/16.  
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