Wednesday, October 07, 2015

FREEBIE: Walmart health screenings on Saturday, Oct 10 (and Sam's)

What are you doing on Saturday?  Get a free health screening at a Walmart on Saturday, October 10 between 12 and 4.

You'll need to locate a participating store near you.

What you'll get:  Blood pressure, BMI, and blood glucose.  Their website says pharmacists are going to provide these services, so head toward the pharmacy.  If you're not diabetic and regularly testing your glucose, this screening is a fast and easy way to know your glucose.  If it's high or concerning, they'll let you know and you can follow up with your health care provider. 

Also offering a free health screening on Saturday is Sam's Club --- they are offering the same services above that Walmart is, and also vision screening, total cholesterol, HDL.  You'll get a bit more comprehensive screening at Sam's Club.  Your testing may vary based on state laws where you live.

Are you planning to go?  Let me know by leaving me a comment below!
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