Wednesday, December 02, 2015

MCR holiday rewards disappointing

This year, My Coke Rewards holiday rewards seem to be a bust.  This, based on comments I've seen on their Facebook page, about the lack of meaningful rewards, as compared to last year.  Last year was awesome, I must say.  I was able to claim several gift cards and, eventually, I was able to get several coupons for free Coke products, which I ultimately used to get a lot of pop free for our son's Cub Scout Blue and Gold.  So, not too shabby.  

This year, however, after much hype, there were only 8 holiday rewards available to Gold members when it opened up for us on November 30.  The super cheap $10 Amazon, $10 Gamestop e-gift, and $10 Nike e-gift cards were only 225 points, but limited to just one redemption.  The free Coke coupon was also limited to just one, though to be fair, last year they were also limited at first and then opened up a bit more.

No matter how they do it, there will always be grumbling, I suppose!  However, there was a stark difference between last year's rewards and this year's rewards and lots of people noticed.  Also absent was any meaningful dialog between MCR and patrons of their page asking questions, particularly after there were site issues that mucked up the initial offering.  Some prizes released to Gold never made it to the Silver catalog, though I was very happy to finally claim a $10 Gamestop yesterday night after erroring out on November 30 multiple times.  Keep checking back in hopes they will be restocked.

Silver rewards are open now and Bronze tomorrow.  Be sure to claim the rewards you want and check out the full rewards available in each level you are eligible to shop from as you may find other nuggets of joy that you would like also.

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