Friday, January 08, 2016

Birthday freebies: Cash in and save

All You has a big list of birthday freebies, which has 59 things you can get for free on your birthday.  I have friends who plan their birthday freebies out, quite extensively!  Free drinks, free appetizers, and for kids, a free meal.  What's not to love about that?

Be sure to scroll through all three pages as at the end, there's a list for kid's birthday freebies.  My son is almost aging out of the Bob Evan's freebie for his birthday, but know that those coupons come without expiration dates, so you can hang on to them and use them at a time that's more convenient for your family.

Many of these do not need to be used exactly on your birthday, but some do.  Hence my friend who meticulously plans out her birthday freebie spree.

Do you already receive some of the freebies on the list?  Which is your favorite?

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