Sunday, January 03, 2016

Walmart Savings Catcher app for Android devices

Are you a Walmart shopper?  If you are, don't leave your savings behind at the store.  Their Savings Catcher program can help you save money by comparing their price to local competitors and awarding you the difference, which you can convert to an e-gift certificate or as Walmart Bucks with your Bluebird (if you have one).

It's easy to start saving, just go to on your smart phone and download the mobile Walmart app (or you can just go to the Play store and get it there).  If you don't do smart phones, that same website will be where you can sign up for the program.  You can manually type the numbers from your receipt in and wait to see if it finds a lower advertised price elsewhere.

The nice thing is that it will compare to "local" competitors, which may or may not be stores you'd normally shop at regularly.  For instance, my receipts get compared to stores in MD across the river from me and in a larger town 35 miles away.

I get the most money back on pop, snacks, and cereal.  You can redeem your savings to e-gift cards.  Or you can save them up for a larger amount and then redeem.  This might be a great way to get a head start on your holiday shopping because you can hold your balance until later in the year when you'll be doing major shopping.

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