Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Lovely Candy Co.: Gluten free black licorice, strawberry licorice, or cherry licorice (plus printable coupon link)

True story.  I bought my own stocking stuffers for Christmas.  I was wandering around Target and what to my wandering eye should appear, but three kinds of gluten free licorice hanging in the candy aisle. 

Needless to say, there wasn't many left on the shelves when I was done shopping.

Lovely Candies in my cart at Target.  This review is not a paid one.  I spent my hard earned money on these and thus disclose that folks at Lovely have done nothing to entice me to write this blog post. 
As you might remember if you read me often, I eat gluten free (pesky wheat allergy that came on in my 30s).  I really, really miss licorice.  I buy name brand from Hershey's for my kids and, well, sniff the bag because it was the closest I could get to being able to enjoy licorice.

There aren't that many gluten free candies on the shelves where I live and so when I find a new one, I want to give it a try.  I had read some good things about Lovely, so I plunged in at around $3 a bag.  These, sadly, didn't last a week.

Yeah, I know.  Oink, oink!

I recently went back to Target and got more... those are gone, too.

It's probably a good thing Target is 35 miles away.  Or I might not fit in my jeans anymore.  These are seriously that good and I'm a picky gal.

The black licorice tastes just like I remember.  The strawberry is close, but not quite the name brand, but still very good (especially if you get them while they're soft as licorice of all kind tends to harden over time).  The cherry tasted good too.  But by far, I love the strawberry most, with black coming in a close second.

So if you've been looking for delicious gluten free licorice, please check your local Target.  I have found some of Lovely's caramel and chocolate midgees (think Tootsie Rolls)  at a CVS and those taste great too.  You can order from their site, but it is definitely more than if you can find them yourself.

I look forward to finding more varieties to try and love just as much.

Save!  Print a coupon for $1 off Lovely

List of stores that carry Lovely products

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