Saturday, July 01, 2017

Have a Visa prepaid card? Use it on Amazon. Here's how.

As an avid Amazon shopper and couponer, I have this tip to share with you.  It was popular a few years ago for rebates to come back to you via a prepaid Visa Card.  I hate them because then you have to track how much is left on them if you want to use them at a store and know exactly how much is on there so the cashier can do her magic.  Sometimes they work and sometimes the cashier has problems split paying. Or worse,  they have a very short life -- giving you only a month or two to use them. You can split pay at Amazon with one of these prepaid Visas, but here's what you need do.
  • Click payment options in your account.  There, you will be able to add another credit card.  This is where you will enter your prepaid Visa information.  You will use this card when you get to the payment page. 
  • Next, you buy an Amazon gift card for the amount on your card. Pay with the card you just added to your payment options.  Easy as pie, and it should arrive in a few minutes in your email's inbox.
  • Once it arrives, just copy and paste that Amazon gift card number into the space provided under the gift cards tab in your account.  There you will apply the gift card.  It now has an infinite life!
  • Finally, be sure to delete the card and switch back to your normal card or enter a new Visa prepaid and start the process all over again.
I have used this trick once when cleaning out my wallet of cards and checking their balances.  I now just use the whole amount when I get one to buy an Amazon gift card and don't bother using them anywhere else to avoid the hassle.

Did this tip help you?  If it did, please let me know in a comment below.  Don't let those small Visa prepaid balances go to waste.

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