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What to bring to an amusement park

I can't believe I got on it either!
It had been years since we had a family vacation.  Between saving up to move, moving, my dad dying in an accident, some health issues, work, life, etc., we definitely needed a break from the past few years of stress.  This year, we opted to head to Orlando and do both Disney and Universal, with some beach time mixed in along the way.  What do you bring to an amusement park?  The last time we went, our kids were much younger.  It was time to re-evaluate!

Ponchos.  Do yourself a huge favor and pack some ponchos.  If it rains at the park, you'll shell out a good $10 per poncho and if you have 4 people, that's $40 to stay dry.  Those dollar store ponchos won't hold up to the rain and getting on rides, getting taken off to go into restaurants, lobbies, etc.  Do yourself a favor and sturdy ponchos ahead of time at a place like Walmart and pack them to take with you.  You'll save a few bucks and a lot of hassle!

Special food.  With a wheat allergy, it's important to me that I know ahead of time what I can eat and where.  Yes, Disney has some gluten free snacks available.  But if you're in Epcot, you might not find a whole lot (forget the patisseries!).  Pack safe foods to munch on if you have an allergy.  They should understand at the gate when you go in if they inspect your bag and let you pass.

Sunglasses.  It can be quite hard on your eyes if you forget your sunglasses and you don't want to pay park prices.  Make sure you have sunglasses and hats to keep your eyes shaded and the sun off your head.

Frogg Togg.  These cooling towels will definitely help you stay cool.  Just wet them occasionally in bathrooms or water fountains.  Also, really recommend a gentle wash before use for colors that might bleed (red).  We took Frogg Toggs on our trip and they helped keep us cool in the Florida sun.  Get the larger ones as the small ones will try to fly away once they start to dry out.

Sunscreen/mosquito spray.  Don't forget to pack a bottle of sunscreen in your backpack to take with you.  Reapply as needed to avoid looking like a lobster.  Also, a nice surprise at Disney was that our hotel room had mosquito spray to help us combat Zika mosquitoes. 

Ziplocks for your phones.  Water rides are fun, but not so much for your phone.  You also don't want to get caught out in a rain shower with no way to keep it dry.  Phones cost several hundred dollars, so protect your investment and make sure you have a way to keep it water proof.  Alternatively, get a water proof phone case from a site like Amazon prior to arrival.  There are some that go around your neck like a lanyard.  Also, be sure to throw in your car keys also when you go on the water rides.  Nothing funner than soaking your key fob.

Lanyard.  Speaking of lanyards, if you have one with a pouch, consider using one at the park to hold your tickets, hotel room keys or fast pass.  Lanyards at Universal were about $10 a piece.  You can get a suitable 5 pack at Amazon for under $10.

Medication.  Bring your medication with you so that you stay on schedule.  Lactose intolerant?  Be sure to bring some dairy enzyme because you don't want to be the one not eating ice cream when everyone else is.  Have a medical problem?  Make sure you wear your alert bracelet and have information in your wallet that can be helpful to rescuers should you fall ill.

Good, broken in shoes.  Now is not the time to break out the new pair of sneakers you bought yesterday.  If you're planning a trip, buy new shoes a month in advance and break them in before you hit the hot asphalt.  Also, pack two pairs of shoes.  If it rains and you are trudging around the park all day, your shoes are going to get soaked.  You want a second pair while your first pair dries.  Or even if it's just a day trip, you won't want to wear soggy shoes on a long ride home.

Eyewear straps.  Do you wear glasses?  Some coasters are just plain crazy!  Make sure your glasses stay firmly on your face with a strap while you feel like you're defying death on that coaster turn.  As an aside, avoid wearing flip flops.  Some folks try to sit on them, but when you're upside down, your bum is probably off the seat and it's bye bye to your footwear.  Thrill seekers should wear straps on sandals or sneakers to ride.

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