Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween candy coupons from around the web

Halloween will be here before you know it and pretty soon those little trick-or-treaters will be knocking on your door.  Save on candy by printing and using these coupons:”1109660001”&plid=RSS&crid=RSS&cid=18479160&alt=yes”1109660001”&plid=RSS&crid=RSS&cid=18458157&alt=yes”1109660001”&plid=RSS&crid=RSS&cid=18474383&alt=yes

And these, from Target (click on image below to be re-directed to print them out):

Free one (1) pound of ground beef wyb 3 Hamburger Helper has an offer you might be interested in!  Get a free pound of ground beef back via rebate when you buy three (3) Hamburger Helper meals.  These include any three flavors of Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, or Chicken Helper Cooked Skillet Dishes (5 serving only) AND one pound of ground beef (any brand is acceptable).

This printable rebate is good until 11/16.  Save your UPCs!  You'll need them for this rebate.  Want to print yours?  Click the image below.  It will take you to and already have the offer pre-clipped.  Need other coupons?  Grab those while you're there too.

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Southern states: RaceTrac to offer free coffee October 12-18

RaceTrac is a chain of convenience stores seen in the deep south (Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas).  Hopefully, southerners in those states aren't tired of yet another free coffee offer! 

October 12-18, RaceTrac will host its fourth Free Coffee Week and for those of y'all who like pumpkin coffee this time of year, they've added a pumpkin coffee in addition to a pumpkin spice cappucino they offered last year, according to the press release, which also mentions a Facebook contest starting Monday, October 12.

On the Border: Free appetizer or dessert with entree purchase for National Boss's Day (10/16)

On the Border has a special offer for National Boss's Day.  On October 16, patrons can receive either a free appetizer or a free dessert with purchase of entree. 

Exclusions apply.  The Border Sampler and Guacamole Live are not included in this offer.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Dial Acne Control Face Wash/Body Wash free sample at Target's Sample site - ymmv

You may or may not qualify based upon your zip code.  I tried a few zip codes for friends in my state and they qualified, but mine did not.  Good luck!

Go here to see if you qualify.

Food Lion Holiday Tickets promo is back (collect 6 of 8)

Food Lion runs these holiday programs in the fall and spring and it's a great way to help offset the huge cost of a holiday meal.  Considering the cost of a thanksgiving meal was nearly $50 last year, getting a $20 coupon to help pay for the fixings is a great help to families.

How the Shop, Collect, Earn holiday $20 coupon program works:
  • Shop 6 of 8 weeks and spend at least $40 to earn the ticket.  The $40 does not include typical things like gift cards, alcohol, lottery, tobacco, stamps, and services like Western Union.
  • Keep your tickets in a safe place (I can't tell you how many I misplaced!) and save them up until you have at least 6 to be able to claim your ticket.  The last time I claimed, this was able to be done at the register versus the service desk.  
  • In order to have the ticket generated at the catalina machine, you will need to ensure that your purchases are done between 10/1 and 11/25.  If you do not receive a catalina, ask for it before you leave the store.  Sometimes things happen!  But stay and ask them to get you a ticket generated.
  • You will have until 12/9 to redeem your tickets for the $20 coupon.
  • The $20 coupon expires on 12/16.  

Sam's Club shoppers: Save big on select gift cards

Sam's Club is selling select gift cards at big savings.  There are many that are out of stock online right now, but check back as they may just re-stock them.

When I mention price below, please note that these are typically sold as a two-pack (so two $25's per pack for total of $50) or 5-pack (five $10 cards).  These ship free. 

Also, these may/may not be available for purchase at your local Sam's Club.  Check your local store to see what's available there.

Some that are sold out include...

Carmike Cinemas $50 which sold for $39.98
2 AMC gold tickets for $16.98
Uno Grill $50 for $39.98
Timmy Ho's $50 for $42.48
Firehouse Subs $50 for $39.98

Homeschoolers can join Pizza Hut's 'Book It!" program -- still enrolling!

Did you know that homeschooling families can sign up for Pizza  Hut's Book It program?  I was able to sign up today and got a confirmation email.  Here's the rundown on the program.  You'll need to check some boxes to complete your registration.  It's a month past the typical deadline of 9/1, BUT you can still apply.  They just have the right to accept applications on a first come, first served basis.  There's still room for regular teachers to apply too.

You must certify that:
  • Your child is K-6
  • Is between ages of 5-12 as of September 1
  • The Book It certificates will only be used to motivate reading
  • That you won't trade, transfer, sell, copy, alter, or purchase these certificates. 
  • One order per household.
  • Each individual family must apply -- no longer accepting homeschool groups/co-ops.
I received an email right away letting me know that the materials would mail soon.  This is their 30th year for the program.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day ~~ September 27, 2014

This Saturday, September 27, 2014, is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

Do you have unwanted/expired prescription drugs?  That root canal last year might have left you with some pain pills or antibiotics that you don't need.  You don't feel comfortable putting them in the trash or flushing them for environmental reasons.  

You forget about them, but someone pawing through your medicine cupboard knows just what they're looking for in there.  I have read countless stories of family members unaware that their teens or other guests were helping themselves to long-forgotten Vicodin or other drugs.  I have even had friends tell me about guests in their home that they heard going through their medicine cabinet (BTW, the bathroom is the worst place to store medicine!). 

If you don't need them now, don't keep those old rx's hanging around.  Turn them in at one of these events (image above will take you to a site where you can punch in your zip and find the closest participating police station/acceptance point.)

Double #walmartsavingscatcher rewards with BlueBird card

If you've already joined the ranks of Walmart shoppers who have signed up for the Walmart Savings Catcher rewards program, you probably have a few bucks earned back from your purchases.  But what if you could double that? 

You might have noticed Bluebird cards hanging out in every nook and cranny in Walmarts in the past year or so.  These are American Express cards that act like a checking account of sorts (though they are clear on their website that it is NOT a bank.)  Check out Bluebird here.

Where the tie in between the programs occurs is that if you have a Bluebird card, you can redeem your Walmart Savings Catcher earnings to your Bluebird card.  From now until February 28, 2015, you can redeem your Savings Catcher money to your Bluebird card as Walmart Buck$.  These Walmart Buck$ can only be used at Walmart, at not at Sam's Club or any other retailers (McD, hair cutting places, etc. that have tenancy in a Walmart building). 

You redeem them by paying with your Bluebird card at checkout. There is also a limit of $599.99 per calendar year for double bucks program monies, so you will want to keep that in mind if you are a hard and heavy shopper/saver wanting to transfer money over.

That said, if you're open to opening a Bluebird account and you have a lot of Savings Catcher Rewards, it's a great way to double your money in time for holiday shopping.  


Walmart Savings Catcher site
Bluebird card site

Disclosure:  This is not a paid post.  I apologize if it comes off that way!  I am simply sharing program information that I feel my readers might want to know about.  I shop at Walmart, but I do not have a Bluebird card.  Please be sure to do your research on the Bluebird card (I have linked to info above) before you make any financial decisions.