Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Target free sample: Nature Made Kids First vitamin sample

Target has a free sample of Nature Made Kids First gummy vitamin sample up on their sample page.  You must screen in to receive this sample.  They are looking for vitamin giving parents of kids under 18.  Once you screen in, you may be offered a choice (ymmv) of two different types of vitamins, choosing between Nature Made Kids First gummie or Nature Made Kids First with Omega 3 gummie.

Target sample

Friday, October 23, 2015

Upcoming: Double points for Coke 12-packs ~ starting 10/26

Heads up!  If you have any Coke 12-pack codes, wait to enter them until next week.  From 10/26 through 10/30 only, you can get double points for Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero 12-pack/fridge packs and their varieties (vanilla, cherry, caffeine free, etc.) only.  See this link for full details.

Be sure to take advantage of any and all double point days in advance of their Christmas rewards, which are typically available December 1 and running for about a week or 10 days.

As a reminder, today (10/23) is the last day for double points on cap codes, so be sure to get your caps in if you have room (subject to the 75 point limit to base points from caps only).

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Candy coupon for Halloween!

Admit it.... like me, you've already eaten what you bought.  Curse those Milk Duds!  In case you need to restock, be sure to print coupons to take with you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Double points on MCR cap cokes 10/21-10/23

"You're not going to want to miss this. From 10/21-10/23, you'll get Double Points on all cap codes. Start stocking up to take advantage of this rare offer." --- Seen on My Coke Rewards site recently

Do you have a stash of Coke caps?  Don't enter them just yet.  From 10/21-10/23, you'll get double points for your caps, weekly limits apply.  However, the double points do not count toward your weekly limit of 75, so you could enter up to 25 cap codes to maximize the offer.

I've also seen an email in my inbox stating that there would be new rewards around this time also, so be checking what's available.  I'm saving my points up for (hopefully!) the 30 point 12-pack coupons they have traditionally offered in early December.  I was able to get many coupons last year, which I used for our Cub Scout Blue & Gold dinner to provide all with name brand refreshment.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Heads up: Peelie for free box of Cheerios at Walmart - YMMV

Walmart shoppers:  Be looking for this peelie that has been spotted on some varieties of Cheerios.  I found this one on a box of Multigrain Cheerios, and also saw some on the Apple Cinnamon.  Which boxes they are (or aren't) on in your store is a YMMV situation.  Hope you find one!  I sent mine to my sister.  Inside the peelie is a special code with a website address.  You send them the gift via a greeting card to their email, so you may want to let them know ahead of time to claim it while on a computer in case for some reason it is unable to be done via smart phone.  The link they get is a one-time click, so they definitely don't want to take an unnecessary chance of not being able to get their free box.

It's a coupon that gets mailed to them and it should have a long expiration date when it comes.  The peelie says it's valued at up to $4.20 and is for a mid-size gluten free Cheerios box.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

L'Oreal sample: Advanced Hair Care free sample

Get a free sample of L'Oreal  Advanced Hair Care.  Note, there are no samples for Normal to Dry or Fine and Thin, so you'll have to choose from: Normal or Dull, Damaged, Over-Processed Hair, Color Treated Hair, or Frizzy or Unruly hair samples.

Which sample did you choose?  It also says to check back after the new year for the ones that are not available, so maybe in a few months, they'll be stocked with something new.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

FREEBIE: Walmart health screenings on Saturday, Oct 10 (and Sam's)

What are you doing on Saturday?  Get a free health screening at a Walmart on Saturday, October 10 between 12 and 4.

You'll need to locate a participating store near you.

What you'll get:  Blood pressure, BMI, and blood glucose.  Their website says pharmacists are going to provide these services, so head toward the pharmacy.  If you're not diabetic and regularly testing your glucose, this screening is a fast and easy way to know your glucose.  If it's high or concerning, they'll let you know and you can follow up with your health care provider. 

Also offering a free health screening on Saturday is Sam's Club --- they are offering the same services above that Walmart is, and also vision screening, total cholesterol, HDL.  You'll get a bit more comprehensive screening at Sam's Club.  Your testing may vary based on state laws where you live.

Are you planning to go?  Let me know by leaving me a comment below!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Saving money: Scholastic Book Club vs. Amazon

As a kid, I remember bringing home those Scholastic Book Club flyers and asking my parents to buy me some books.  I was an avid reader, even then, and have always tried my best to foster a love of reading (and thus learning) in both of my kids.  I love my Amazon Prime account because I can order books and get them within 2 days.  But I also really love a bargain.

My kids are book keepers -- that is, they don't mind borrowing from the library, but there are some series that they love so much that they want to own them.  Another aspect is that our library system sometimes has gaps in series and it's just easier to buy them as a boxed set once you realize that you're going to have to buy a few they don't have anyway.

In perusing the four (yes, four) Scholastic flyers my son brought home, I noticed some bargains.  I will also note, I also saw some titles that I knew were cheaper on Amazon outright, and even a tad cheaper in a Kindle book format.  So it does pay to compare prices on books.

Spirit Animals books:  Scholastic has 5 titles in paper back exclusives (Spirit Animals 1-5) at just $4 each, bought as a 5 paperback exclusive.   Hardcover on Amazon makes them about $10 each, give or take, but they ship free on Prime or you'll need to meet the minimum for Super Saver Shipping.  Buying these books through Scholastic in paperback saves you more than half off hard cover price.

Percy Jackson & Olympians/Lost Heroes:  Scholastic has all five books in paperback for $4 each, bought as a package costing $20 for all five.   Amazon has all five books in a box set for $21.08.  Only a dollar savings there, but if you have Prime, you'll get them super fast.  Lost Heroes are also book 1-4 for $5 each via the $20 pack in Scholastic's TAB, and Amazon has a boxed set of 1-3 for $17.72.  That would make Scholastic's deal a bit better price per book, aside from Amazon's boxed set being short #4.

Maze Runner books:  Maze Runner is popular among teens/tweens right now since the series is being made into movies.  Amazon has a set of all four Maze Runner books for $23.98 and  Scholastic had them in their TAB flyer for $9 each, so a significant savings if you bought them on Amazon.

Some considerations....

Amazon Prime will get you books faster than placing an order via your child's teacher.  Chances are, you aren't ordering a surprise gift for them via the book club.   However, you aren't paying shipping either.  If your child's teacher provides you with their Classroom ID code to use to order online, you'll still get the books you buy sent to their classroom (no shipping).  Ordering with your teacher's classroom code also means that your child's teacher receives credit for your order, which translates into free books for your child's classroom.  If you order off the regular Scholastic website, you may need to make a minimum purchase to receive free shipping, just as you would for Amazon if you were not a member of Prime.

Ordering books through Scholastic sometimes means little extras.  For instance, this month if you order via a flyer, your child will receive a Pokemon bookmark free.  Some books/booksets also come with extra trinkety type items (a necklace or keychain, for instance).  Amazon rarely does this, to my knowledge.

Are you an auntie or a grandma?  If you have the Classroom ID, you, too, can order online and have the books sent to your little one's classroom.  Do you have a teacher friend?  He/She may be willing to let you order gifts for your little munchkins via their account.  Also be aware that Scholastic holds book fairs at schools and you can arrange to shop there as well. 

Unplug Pop Connect Bag from Jolly Time -- just 3 UPCs/POPs

Does your family always have their paws on their phones during dinner or family movie night?  Keep your screen clean and enjoy some special time together by putting your phones in an Unplug Pop Connect Bag!

The size is 5" x 7" and holds 4 phones, and it can be yours by printing this form and sending it along with 3 UPCs/POPs.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Handmade presents/gifts from Etsy: The Crooked Yarn

One of my friends supplements her income by selling some of her handmade items on Etsy.  Her Etsy store is The Crooked Yarn, so be sure to check it out!  Right now, she has some handmade baby blankets and dish cloths, as well as some mighty fine looking doilies.  She also takes requests, so make sure you check out her solds, too!  Click on where it says "161 sales", as that's the current tally of her sales through Etsy.  You'll be able to view past items.  Some items are open to offers so that she can clear her inventory and get hooking on another project.

A few of her items currently available.  Blanket great for boy or a girl baby!

Handmade items are a unique gift, as they are never all exactly the same.  As someone who crochets and knits myself, I can attest that a lot of work goes into a finished product.  If you've seen a meme around Facebook that lays out how much yarn costs for a blanket and the time expended, I think you'll agree that her prices are quite fair and reasonable.  Want different colors, ask her for a custom order. 

Great for gift baskets of handcrafted soaps or personal care items.
What is your most favorite item in her store?  Leave me a comment below!  I always love looking at baby blankets.  I keep praying for another family member to have a baby so I can make them a blanket and get to play with colors and design elements.   If you stop by Marie Anne's store, let her know I said hi!

Disclosure:  I'm sharing images and information about my friend's Etsy store.  She didn't pay me to do so!  I do so freely of my own will.