Thursday, July 30, 2015

Try Spidertech for free via rebate offer (Walmart)

Got bad knees, joint pain, or back pain?  I saw this offer on TV and thought I'd share that you can try Spidertech for free via a mail in rebate.  You will need to enter your name, email, and reason why you are interested in a free trial via rebate.  They send you an email and you confirm your registration.  Then purchase at a participating retailer (Walmart is one) and submit your rebate form, which is provided in the page that loads after you confirm your registration.  The offer ends at the end of August, so be sure to get it before then.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Target $5 gift card with purchase of 2 digital gift cards for dinner/movie (ends 7/25)

Target has a promotion that is ending on 7/25 that offers a $5 Target gift card with the purchase of two digital gift cards for a dinner/movie.  Qualifying e-gift cards (must order and receive online) include:

$25 and $50 Fandango
$25  Regal Cinemas
$25 and $50 AMC Theatres
$25 Darden restaurants (Olive Garden, Longhorn, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Red Lobster)
$25 Brinker restaurants (Chili's, Macaroni Grill, On the Border, Maggiano's)

Here's a snip of the offer details from

So if you are planning a dinner and/or movie out this weekend, be sure to take advantage of this offer before it expires.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Free movie ticket offer from Hormel (through 8/31)

Get a free movie ticket with purchase of three (3) Hormel Pepperoni products or two (2) Hormel fully cooked bacon packages.  Purchases must be made by 8/31.

Star your purchases on your receipt and snap a photo.  Send to 811811 with the keyword "HORMELPAN".  Once they validate your receipt, they text you back a code for a movie ticket worth up to $13 to see PAN, or another movie.

Hormel is great to stuff into bread dough and make your own homemade pepperoni bread. 

coupon to print to use on Pepperoni.

Free Movie Ticket with $10 purchase of Totino's Pizza Rolls (SMPs only)

Receive a free movie ticket with the $10 purchase of Totino's Pizza Rolls.  You will need to look for specially marked packages to qualify for this offer.

You can submit via text or via email by snapping a pic of your qualifying receipt and purchases.  Limit one (1) movie code per email or phone number, so if you do this multiple times, be sure to keep that in mind.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

6 things to do once you move into your new home

We recently purchased a new home, barely surviving the selling of the old, buying of the new home experience.  It had been almost ten years since we'd bought our last home, which was pristinely clean, only a few years old, and had no issues when we purchased it.  Our new home, however, came with a few things that needed taken care of right away.  Remember:  "Broom Clean" has a broad meaning!   So if you have just bought a new home, add these items to your to-do list and try to complete them as soon as you can (in between unpacking!)

Change the filters - You know exactly when you changed the filters in your old home, but you don't necessarily know when the sellers last changed them in the home you just bought.  Not everyone writes a date on the filter, so err on the side of caution and take note of the sizes and/or models of filters for your furnace and refrigerator, if you have one.  Save money and buy the contractor packs at a home improvement store. The AC man who serviced our heat pump suggested middle of the road furnace filters with pleats.  Nothing too tightly woven (avoid the allergy filters, he said) because it makes your unit work harder to draw air through the cold air returns.  Depending on your SEER, it can be far too much for your furnace/heat pump to handle.

Change the batteries in every smoke detector -  Change them all for the same reason that you are changing the filters on your furnace and fridge.  While this may have been tested during a home inspection, you don't know when the batteries were last changed.  All they likely test is if they work or not when the button is pressed or if they come on for smoke.  Not everyone observes the rule of changing them every six months (coinciding with the spring forward/fall back schedule).  Your detectors may be hard wired, but in case of a power outage, you want to be sure they work (especially since that would be when you might be using candles for light) when you need them most.

Change the setting on your hot water tank -  Your first shower might be a scalding one if you forget to at least check the setting of the hot water tank.  Tanks set to higher temps will use more energy to heat and keep water at the higher temp.  If you have small children, you definitely want to make sure your hot water tank is set at a temp that won't scald them.  The DOE recommends setting at 120 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Check your dryer vents and fridge coils -  Over time, your dryer can build up some lint balls, so be sure to check your new dryer for a build up of lint.  This may require a screw driver to remove the lint screen casing to see below, but it is well-worth your time to ensure it's cleaned.  Be sure to clean the duct (including the outside vent) as well.  Can't get your vacuum hose in there?  Try a Lint Lizard.  Don't forget the screen.  If you run it under water and water beads, gently clean with an old toothbrush and mild soap until water runs clear through.  While you're at it, check under your fridge, too.  If they had pets or just never thought to clean under, your coils could be harboring a herd of dustbunnies.  Clogged coils will cost you money because clogged coils prevent air flow, which keeps your fridge running efficiently.  Have hardwoods?  Another reason to clean under is listed under this Real Simple list of dirty jobs.

Check your washing machine for goo -  Does your washer smell funny?  Chances are the previous owner didn't clean it very often.  This is especially important if you have a front loader.  Many times, the seals start to mildew.  Review your owner's manual and initiate the clean cycle if your model has that option.  In addition, gently pull out the drawer where detergent and bleach are added.  This drawer, plus the inside walls, might need a good, thorough scrubbing.  Trust me when I say it can get pretty gnarly in there if a previous owner does not keep it clean.  Same goes for the dishwasher, get some Affresh or Dishwasher Magic and make sure your appliance is squeaky clean and free of build up.  Again, you have no idea if/when this was last done by a previous owner.

Vacuum out vents or have them professionally cleaned - Your carpets aren't the only thing that is dirtier than a pig rolling in mud!  Pull the vent covers and carefully vacuum up dirt and debris or pay a company to professionally clean your furnace's duct work, including vents.  A clean furnace is an efficient furnace.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Check your pantry: Kraft Mac & Cheese Recall

Perennial favorite of kids and perhaps lurking in your pantry, Kraft Mac & Cheese Original Flavor, 7.25 oz box, is under a voluntary recall today because the company is concerned about small pieces of metal potentially being in that box of elbows and cheesy goodness, according to this ABC news report.

The article lists the configurations of packaging, ranging from single boxes to multi-product shrink wrapped packaging, with use by dates falling between September 18, 2015 and October 11, 2015 with "C2" on the packaging under the date.  Only boxes with the "C2" under those date ranges are subject to the recall.  It's my understanding that the C2 refers to which manufacturing line these recall products were manufactured on.

Did you find any in your pantry?  I found one lone box from a 5-pack I had bought at Walmart a while back.  Nothing higher than a 5-pack was listed in the recall, so if you're like me and just bought a 15 pack at Costco, they should be fine. 

What do you do?  Take it back to the store where you bought it, or, according to Kraft press release, you can call their consumer relations line at 1-800-816-9432 between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern time to request a refund. These products typically retail for around $1 per box in my area.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reminder: Today (Feb 28) is LAST day to use BlueBird to get double #walmartsavingscatcher

Last September, I brought you a post on how to double your Walmart Savings Catcher rewards using BlueBird card at Walmart.

This offer is good until February 28, 2015.   You can redeem your Savings Catcher money to your Bluebird card as Walmart Buck$.  These Walmart Buck$ can only be used at Walmart, at not at Sam's Club or any other retailers (McD, hair cutting places, etc. that have tenancy in a Walmart building).

If you had planned to do this, now is the time to do it!  They may have additional offers in the future, but you just don't know when or if that will come to fruition. 

Pinching Abe does, from time to time, include referral links and/or affiliate links within the body of the text. Please be aware that clicking on any of these and/or shopping through those links may benefit her by way of earning money toward a commission for referring you to specific deals or sites.

Reminder: Swagbucks Store changes are coming on March 2!

I am bringing this information to you as a Swagbucks Influencer.  Please note the dates!  The new pricing structure goes into effect on March 2.  That means if you have bucks you want to redeem for $5 Amazon (450 currently, limit 5), then you may want to do so before Monday. Or you may decide to hold onto your bucks for a special pricing on a $25 gift card at just 2,200 SB (limit 1 per month at that price).   Please read the press release below.

Swagbucks has BIG news for the Rewards Store. If you're already familiar with Swagbucks, you know the Reward Store is where you turn those Swag Bucks into awesome gift cards. They just announced exciting news to make it even better:- Starting March 2nd, you will be able to redeem 2,200 Swag Bucks for one $25 Gift Card OF YOUR CHOICE once a month. This gift card discount only excludes PayPal and Gas Cards.

We are introducing a new $3 Amazon Gift Card which is only 300 SB.

To accommodate these benefits, we will no longer offer $5 Amazon Gift Cards for 450 SB. They are not going away though, as they will be priced the same as our other $5 Gift Cards at 500 SB. Currently, you are only able to redeem five $5 Amazon gift cards a month. By making these changes we can now remove this limit.

Some additional benefits include:
1. Greater Savings - If you previously redeemed five $5 Amazon Gift Cards, you were spending 2250 SB. Now you can get the same $25 worth of Amazon Gift Cards for 2200 SB, a 20% higher discount!

2. More Choices - Right now, the only gift card we currently discount is Amazon. This introduction offers you a discount on over 100 gift card choices of your favorite brands, stores, retailers, and restaurants - brands like CVS, Walmart, Visa, Target, Starbucks, Ebay, Best Buy and more!

3. Faster Redemptions - The $3 Amazon Gift Card allows you to get an Amazon Gift Card 33% faster than is currently possible. To expand the options for speedier gift card redemptions, we also plan on offering more low denomination Gift Cards of other brands in the coming months.

Not a member?  Join today!  Please use my referral link.

Pinching Abe does, from time to time, include referral links and/or affiliate links within the body of the text. Please be aware that clicking on any of these and/or shopping through those links may benefit her by way of earning money toward a commission for referring you to specific deals or sites.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swagbucks #LuckyNo7 Birthday Bash is today!

As a Swagbucks Influencer, I share this special birthday message from Swagbucks with you:

Today's your lucky day -- it's a Birthday Extravaganza! Well, maybe not your birthday, but turns 7 today & they're celebrating by giving away a bunch of free bonus Swag Bucks!

Today, Feb 25th, they start giving out Swag Codes at 7am PST / 10am EST and the fun doesn't stop until 6pm PST / 9pm EST! They are giving out 6 Swag Codes throughout the day for a total of 49 SB. What's even better is that they released the Swag Code schedule, so you know exactly when and where to find all the Codes!! (see my image for the Swag Code times).

What's a Swag Code? Well, they are fun little codes made of letters and/or numbers & it's how Swagbucks gives out bonus SB. They are only live for an hour typically, so you have to know where to find them (or hear from other SB members) and enter it on the site or mobile app to get your SB. Occasionally, Swagbucks will throw a big Extravaganza where they give out multiple Swag Codes in one day along with other fun ways to win bonus Bucks.

And all those bonus SB come in handy when it's time to redeem for gift cards.

So if you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, now is the perfect time! Get caught up in the birthday bonus Swag Bucks and sign up today!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

FREE sample: Cottonnelle "Go Commando" kit.

Cottonnelle wants you to go commando by requesting a free sample of Cottonnelle. Dare a friend (Facebook share) to alert them to request a sample or put in their email if you don't have Facebook. You can also get your own by clicking the "Don't want to dare" link.  You will be directed to log in or create an account to receive a sample.

Have you received a kit yet?  What is in it?  Please share!  The offer was not very explicit on just what is in the kit.