Friday, August 29, 2014

Staples ad sneak peek: 8/31 - 9/06 (2014) - screenshots of some deals!

Staples sneak peek for 8/31-9/06 ad is up and here's a few screenshots to help you plan your last minute shopping...

25 cent eraser caps, 25 cent Sharpie mini, and 25 cent really useful storage bins (well, I never found them overly useful being so small!)  But it says limits apply to the erasers and limit 3 for the Sharpie minis.

Pentel RSVP Ballpoint pens as pictured above will be free after easy rebate.  You'll pay the $4 up front, though.  Limit 1.

Been on the fence about buying a computer?  This week's ad will have a $100 off coupon that you can clip to use on a PC and tablet that's normally priced at $499+.  The ad features a Toshiba with a Pentium, if you're not a fan of Celerons.  That computer would be this one...

They also had a very inexpensive ASUS laptop on the first page of the ad for $219, if you're looking for something affordably priced for the kiddos and a Dell touchscreen for $299 after coupon/instant savings.  If you want any of these computers, you'll want to be there early for best selection.  Some stores may not carry all products.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Craft Store Discounts for Military and Retired Military

A.C. Moore offers a 15% military discount --- All you need to do is present your military ID.  The discount comes off regular and sale price, but you can't combine it with a total off coupon or use it to buy a gift card.  This discount is ongoing.  The language states present and past tense, so if you're retired with a military ID, definitely ask.

Michael's offers a 10% off military discount -- you will need to present ID and be the service member or immediate family.  This discount is ongoing.

Jo-Ann's military discount -- 20% off during designated military discount dates.  These are typically the days around Veterans' Day (Nov 11), Fourth of July, etc.  The discount is for past and present military and you will need to present proof of service and/or military ID.  Dependent ID is also valid.

Amazon deals today (8/25) = Cookware under $100

Are your pots shot?  Check out this T-fal cookware deal, available today only on Amazon.  The reviews are pretty solid.  I've owned T-fal in the past, with good results. 

Also, be sure to check your Amazon home page for a special offer.  I was targeted for a buy a Kindle on an installment plan offer that is limited to one per customer.  To get the offer, you'll need to go through your personalized link, if you have one on the home page.  (The banner at the top that scrolls through about 4 or 5 other offers).  Good luck and I hope you have it on your page.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Walmart Savings Catcher update on savings #walmartsavingscatcher

It's been a few weeks since I began using Walmart Savings Catcher.  It was originally only in select cities, but is nationwide.  If you are not signed up, you could be missing some savings!

Since Walmart Savings Catcher went nationwide at the beginning of August, I've entered several receipts.  Seven to be exact.  Only two of those seven found no extra savings.  Yes, two were savings of under a buck.  I could see where some might think it was hardly worth the trouble for pennies.  But it only takes a quick log in (or you could use their app) and entering in your TC number and date.  Hit submit and wait a few days while they do the comparison.  You spend literally a minute or less to type in the numbers on a computer.

So far, my total back that I can transfer to an e-gift is....

Not too shabby for a few weeks' worth of receipts.  You can save up that money or transfer it to an e-gift when you need or want it.  I have read online of some who are saving theirs up for Christmas or Birthday shopping.  You could earmark yours for a specific item you've been eying that you've been wanting to get, but don't buy yourself. 

How much have you saved?  Please let me know in the comments!  Also, if you haven't joined, it is free to join and you can do so here:

Friday, August 22, 2014

$1 Crystal Growing kit from Family Dollar #NotKryptonite

Do you have a budding scientist in your house?  I do!  We recently picked up a $1 crystal growing kit from Family Dollar.  I had purchased one from a name brand company a while back and it did not grow.  My scientist was very disappointed!  I had no hope that this kit would work because it was so inexpensive, but I bought it for him anyway.

See the results below!  This is at about a week later.  The liquid had already evaporated and the crystals on the bottom of the tray started to burst upward.  The ones on the rocks were pretty much done growing. It even came with the little rocks.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Supervalu data breach: List of stores affected by the breach

Attention grocery store shoppers that shopped at a Supervalu store between June 22 and July 17 this year.  Your information may have been stolen as part of a data breach that has been reported by Supervalu. 

The grocery stores listed on their list of affected stores include:  Farm Fresh (Virginia and North Carolina), Shoppers (Virginia and Maryland), Hornbacker's (Minnesota and North Dakota), Cub Foods (Illinois and Minnesota), Shop 'n Save (Illinois and Missouri)/.

Is your local store on the list?  A list of the affected stores can be found here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Amazon Gold Box Deal 8/19: $17.99 Scotch Laminator

Do you need a laminator for home, school, scouts, church, or just some other random reason?  Amazon's Gold Box Deal today is a Scotch Laminator for $17.99.    Take a look!

The pouches are cheap today, too.

Both ship free on Amazon Prime!  Teachers often have to share a laminator at school, so maybe your teacher would love one of their own to keep in their classroom. 

Print these Kraft coupons before they disappear (in about a week!)

These Kraft coupons and more will be disappearing from very soon.  Be sure you print them out for your back-to-school stock up needs.[18372087][18372086][18372023]

Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Sample of Nivea Lotion

Nivea has free lotion samples!   Choose from one of three (3) free samples currently available, including Nivea's Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, Smooth Sensation, or Extended Moisture.  There's a limit of one free sample per household/email address.  A coupon will also arrive with your .14 oz "sachet" of free lotion.

Get your free sample:  Nivea free sample

I have also seen this available on Facebook.  The TOS for the sample requests are likely the same, so I wouldn't try to double dip.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free Redbox Promo Code: Olive Garden & Redbox partner up

You may know that Olive Garden has a Buy One, Take One menu, where you buy an entree and get to choose another off their Buy One, Take One menu to take home to eat another day.  That means a hot dinner at the restaurant one day, and a reheated one the next day.  (Menu choices start at $12.99.)

But did you know that Olive Garden has partnered up with Redbox to make that second, lonely dinner a little more enjoyable with their 'Dinner and a Movie' promotion?  To participate, text your Buy One, Take One menu receipt information to 727272 and meander through the steps to get a free Redbox promo code good for a free one-day movie rental.