Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Supervalu data breach: List of stores affected by the breach

Attention grocery store shoppers that shopped at a Supervalu store between June 22 and July 17 this year.  Your information may have been stolen as part of a data breach that has been reported by Supervalu. 

The grocery stores listed on their list of affected stores include:  Farm Fresh (Virginia and North Carolina), Shoppers (Virginia and Maryland), Hornbacker's (Minnesota and North Dakota), Cub Foods (Illinois and Minnesota), Shop 'n Save (Illinois and Missouri)/.

Is your local store on the list?  A list of the affected stores can be found here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Amazon Gold Box Deal 8/19: $17.99 Scotch Laminator

Do you need a laminator for home, school, scouts, church, or just some other random reason?  Amazon's Gold Box Deal today is a Scotch Laminator for $17.99.    Take a look!

The pouches are cheap today, too.

Both ship free on Amazon Prime!  Teachers often have to share a laminator at school, so maybe your teacher would love one of their own to keep in their classroom. 

Print these Kraft coupons before they disappear (in about a week!)

These Kraft coupons and more will be disappearing from very soon.  Be sure you print them out for your back-to-school stock up needs.[18372087][18372086][18372023]

Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Sample of Nivea Lotion

Nivea has free lotion samples!   Choose from one of three (3) free samples currently available, including Nivea's Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, Smooth Sensation, or Extended Moisture.  There's a limit of one free sample per household/email address.  A coupon will also arrive with your .14 oz "sachet" of free lotion.

Get your free sample:  Nivea free sample

I have also seen this available on Facebook.  The TOS for the sample requests are likely the same, so I wouldn't try to double dip.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free Redbox Promo Code: Olive Garden & Redbox partner up

You may know that Olive Garden has a Buy One, Take One menu, where you buy an entree and get to choose another off their Buy One, Take One menu to take home to eat another day.  That means a hot dinner at the restaurant one day, and a reheated one the next day.  (Menu choices start at $12.99.)

But did you know that Olive Garden has partnered up with Redbox to make that second, lonely dinner a little more enjoyable with their 'Dinner and a Movie' promotion?  To participate, text your Buy One, Take One menu receipt information to 727272 and meander through the steps to get a free Redbox promo code good for a free one-day movie rental.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hobby Lobby Coupon: 40% off one regular item (expires 8/16)

Hobby Lobby has a printable Hobby Lobby Coupon good for 40% off one regular item (some exclusions apply).  The coupon can be used one time per day.  The coupon expires on 8/16.  Time to stock up on that yarn for your holiday craft projects.

Tip:  Print it now just in case you end up in the neighborhood before it expires.  I can't tell you how many times I've smacked my head after an unexpected trip to town and no coupons in my purse.

Go here to get the printable Hobby Lobby coupon.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Gluten Free Foods at Walmart: Great Value gluten free products that are new

Have you noticed that Walmart is now carrying its own brand of gluten free foods at Walmart?  I found some new offerings in my store's gluten free section, which were priced around $2-$3.

Some gluten free goodies you might find at your store (not available online) are....

Great Value Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (which, by the way, I found small and a little bit more than dry and crumbling)

Great Value Gluten Free Pretzel Twists and Sticks (both varieties)

Great Value Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies

Great Value Gluten Free Cocoa Sandwich Cookies (looks kind of like Oreos)

Great Value Gluten Free Vanilla Sandwich Cream Cookies

Great Value Gluten Free Fruit Mix Granola Bars, Dark Chocolate Granola Bars, and Trail Mix Granola Bars

Great Value Gluten Free Penne Pasta

Try going to this link, which should take you to Walmart's gluten free items, which are sorted by the Great Value tag.  I was able to click on individual items and check their availability at my local Walmart.  It doesn't list price online, but you be able to see if it's available at your store or try to locate the product at another store.

Editing on 8/15 to add.... I don't think I'm going to buy any more of these products.  I bought the pretzels today and ick.  They just don't taste good at all.  They taste generic and I rarely feel the need to take a product back to the store on their guarantee, but I'm going to take these back.  They just don't taste very good. 

That said, to each his or her own!  My taste buds may not be like yours and you might find them delicious.  The GV gluten free pretzels cost $2.58 at my store and Snyders' gluten free pretzels cost about $3 a bag at Giant.  I'll stock up on them when I'm in town instead.  Cheap is good if the taste is remotely close to a name brand competitor.  In this case, it's just not.

Is Oatmeal Gluten Free? You might think, but maybe not...

This blog post contains anecdotal observations of my own, with some links tossed in.  I hope it answers your question of, "Is Oatmeal Gluten Free?"  Any brands I mention are because I've had experience with them.  No money was paid to me to include them in this post.  That said...

As someone who is allergic to wheat (allergy tested at the doctor and diagnosed well into my 30s), I struggled at first to find foods that I could eat without, ya know, hives and a belly ache.  I had the blood test for celiac (negative) and decided to go gluten free to see if I could get rid of the belly ache and the itchies.  Unfortunately for me, the only medicine that made my belly not ache so much contained blue food dye, also an allergy trigger!  So you could see why I would jump on a diet change to see if it helped any.

I thought, at first, after doing research that oatmeal would be a slam dunk.  Whoo-hoo!  Something I could eat for breakfast, admittedly, one of the harder meals for me since I, despite being in my 30s, still loved kids' cereals like Lucky Charms.

But you know, I tried eating oats and still managed to get a slight belly ache and red dots on my wrist, which are a sure sign of exposure to wheat for me.  I'm not saying I had a major reaction, but enough of one that my body was sending me warning signals to not eat whatever it was that I'd just eaten.  Belly aches all the time can get pretty annoying.

Why was this?  I did some more research and found that it could be because of crop rotation on the part of the farmers who grow oats.  It could also have been shared equipment at the processing plant.  I even read one article that said that some people's bodies just react to oats like their body would to gluten.

For me, though, I only buy myself certified gluten free oats to bake with, like Bob's Red Mill, since I can usually find that brand at stores I shop at for gluten free items.  When I eat certified gluten free oats, I don't have GI issues or annoying itchy blotches on my wrists. 

Certified gluten free oats are more expensive, but worth a try if you feel that you're still reacting to a non-certified gluten free oat product.  I even dug up a coupon for you ---  Bob's Red Mill has a coupon for $1 of product (and they sell non-gluten free things too).  For those of you who might blend their own gluten free flour, the coupon should be able to be used on their potato starch, tapioca, etc.

Tip, if you ever get a deal on steel cut oats, you can use a food processor to break them up a bit more for baking.  I've got a hand pulled food chopper that I have used before in a pinch.  

Purina cat food coupons: Join My Cat Perks

Purina cat food can be expensive, particularly if you don't have coupons for it.  I often don't have it and spend almost $5 a bag for the smaller bags, mainly because I don't have the space right now to store the larger bags with my house on the market. 

I recently got an email from Purina to check out Purina's My Cat Perks program and learned that I could earn points which could be translated into a Purina cat food coupon worth up to $15.99 for 30,000 points.

Some of the finer points of the program are that you have to check a box stating that you bought the product.  So dumpster diving or having every neighbor and friend saving their bags for you is against their TOU.

Another thing that's great is that you will get a hefty amount of points (I got 10,000) for signing up.  That's 1/3 of the way to a free bag of food.

There are several ways to earn points, which include logging into the site daily, viewing info on your cat's weight, reading articles, sharing those articles via social media, commenting on them, completing your profile, entering coded information from the bag of Purina cat food you purchased, and lots more.

Join Purina's My Cat Perks program today and explore the site and discover the many ways you can earn points!  You'll have enough for the big bag of Purina cat food in a relatively short period of time.

Disclosure:  This blog post contains a referral link for the My Cat Perks program.  If you happen to join, I would earn some points as a thank you for me referring you to the program.  But not 10,000 points, like you would get for joining, so you're definitely getting the better end of this deal ;) 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Joy Ice Cream Cone coupon: Should work on their gluten free cones as well!

Man, it's been a long time since I was able to enjoy a sugar cone and when my hubby spotted some Joy gluten free waffle cones at a Wegmans in Northern Virginia, I was a bit excited.  I confess... I used to eat a lot of Nutty Butty's back in the day and there's just something about a waffle cone that is so delicious.  Probably the sugar!

Were the Joy gluten free sugar cones any good?  Well, let's just say I ate two cones in one sitting.  To be fair, the sugar cones are not roomy for a lot of ice cream, so I didn't feel so bad.  But yeah, I had to resist the urge to just eat one right out of the box sans ice cream all day and then I caved when I sat down to write this post.   They also offer a gluten free cake ice cream cone product.

Joy Ice Cream Cone is offering coupons via their Facebook page, which you can access here. or here.

The coupon options are .35/1 and $1/2.