Saturday, March 20, 2021

Lots of eggs in the basket - A primer

Lately, I have been trying out a lot of apps to save/recover money.  I am an avid Shopkicker, Ibotta-er, plus a few more.  I have many money saving apps and they all earn at different rates...depending upon offers and other factors. My money saving apps are like eggs in a basket to me.  Every one of them earning money on their own time until the magical day when I reach payout. 

One of my many "eggs" is where I klip offers that are of interest. Recently, I have been klipping a lot of Coke offers and getting money back for buying pop.  Nice.  An offer I submitted this week was for $4.50 back on buying five 2 liter bottles of Coke. A very sweet deal considering these were on sale for $1 at the local store. If I don't like the product or wouldn't be interested, I just hit the skip button.

Current offers for me for range from items like chips, candy, or pop that you need to buy, sometimes at specific stores, but most of the offers for me aren't store specific.  There are some Easter candy offers out right now, so definitely check it out.  Check daily since offers change often. 

How to use

Go to via your phone browser, click see today's offers ,and then work your way through the screens.  You will eventually log in and need to put your credentials in (or sign up). Then it will add it to your list and email you redemption instructions.  Ready to redeem?  Just navigate back to and click the Redeem My Offers button and go from there.  Click the square in front of the offer and then redeem.  You'll be prompted to upload a file, but if you click that, you can use your phone's camera and take the photo.  After that, hit submit and wait for your money.  Sometimes it's faster, sometimes slower, but for me it has been about a week to get money back.

Caveat:  Get a PayPal account to receive payments. If you don't have one, no sweat!  They are easy to sign up for and if you do not yet have one, drop me a comment.  There's an offer out at the time of the writing of this post that may interest you.  I have gotten back nearly $25 in the past few months. 


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