Friday, June 06, 2008

I used my Golden Key for BzzAgent... that didn't take long!

I logged on to BzzAgent this morning, ever hopeful that a new campaign might pop up for me. I was surprised to see the Norelco XL razor be there. It was offered to me via the magical Golden Key so I called hubby at work to see if he might be interested. To be honest, shaving is a guy thing to me and I'll buy whatever he wants me to because he is so picky about those things. I didn't want to accept a campaign if he wasn't willing to give it the old college try and I sure didn't want to be using the Norelco XL on my legs if it came to that!

Bad side: it cost me $35. Good side: This razor costs twice that at least. So really, though it annoyed me to some extent that I had to pay to join a campaign, I am hoping that it was a good investment. Hubby had been half-eying a rechargeable razor, but was, in his own words "too cheap" to buy one for himself. Good side: I realized when I went to pay this that I lost my Mastercard (yikes) and had no idea when or where. Really good side: I had no charges on it for months, so no worries about someone having a good time or donating to the Obama campaign in my name like what happened to this couple.
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