Friday, April 30, 2010

Cheap Replacement AC Adapter/Power Cord for my Acer Aspire...

If you are a Twitter follower, you might have seen a Twitpic I posted last week. If you missed it, here it is:

Wrapped amongst the hair and odd threads, you'll see the remnants of my former AC adapter/power cord from my Acer Aspire. My aging Hoover Savvy no longer sucks (this was verified by my hubby when I complained that the Savvy no longer vacuumed the floor clean), but it still had enough power to siphon up my Acer's power supply cord and literally tear it apart. The power cord was forcibly severed from the brick and in two seconds flat, I was hosed.

Both my husband and I had a hard time locating an affordable AC adapter/power cord for my Acer. I could not get Acer to tell me yes or no whether or not my 5532 had the same power cord as the 5535. In addition, the replacements we did find were overpriced and had bad, bad reviews (as in "it fried my computer" bad.)

Out of desperation, I called a Best Buy - they did sell one, woot! The problem was that it would cost me between $84 and $99 for a new one (Say whaaaaaaat?) Bear in mind, as a reference point, my Acer Aspire cost $329 on sale and my sister-in-law had just ordered a replacement AC adapter (make that two) from Amazon for her computer for about 20 bucks. So, to say that I had sticker shock was putting it mildly.

However, my phone call to Best Buy was not in vain since I learned of a little secret that I am going to share with you. The sales associate understood my reluctance to part with a Benjamin, and suggested that I go to the Best Buy site and click on the link at the very bottom that says: Order Parts, which takes you to Partsearch.

It was there that we are able to click through the menus and order a replacement power cord/AC adapter for my Acer Aspire 5532. The cost, with shipping and tax, was about $30. $30 is a lot better than $100 anyday!

The AC adapter came today and we ordered it exactly one week ago on a Friday night outside of business hours. However, once I was notified that it had shipped, it came within two days. The UPS man delivered it safe and snug into my desperate hands, since I have been either using the kids' Dell or swiping the power cord from my husband's computer, which was a perfect match for my own, deceased power cord.

Was it nice? You betcha! The AC adapter/power cord I received for my Dell Aspire was just like the factory original that I ran over with the vacuum cleaner. It was still a Delta Electronics, which is exactly what I had before. It came with five different heads to choose from and the head fits snugly into the laptop with no jiggle room. It fits just as well as the original AC adapter that came with my Acer Aspire at purchase.

So if you need computer replacement parts, check out Best Buy's order parts link for price comparison. The sales associate told me I "might save a little bit" by going through that link. In my case, "a little bit" was a lot.
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