Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Swag Bucks: Search this week for extra chances to win!

Have you been searching at Swag Bucks and winning more often this week? I've been winning more often and finally hitting a few of the higher Bucks available. For a limited time, the folks at Swag Bucks are doubling the amount of winning times throughout the day. This means that if you are using their search engine throughout the day, you have a better chance of snagging some Swag Bucks. Download their toolbar to help remind you to search! It's easy as pie, installs quickly and you can earn daily Swag Bucks just for having it installed. I get a winning screen when I turn on my computer and launch my browser every morning.

Starting today (Tuesday!) they will roll out a new daily poll which will allow us Swaggernauts to answer polls everyday and earn Swag Bucks for giving our opinions. This is an awesome feature and can help put you over when you're just a little short to redeem for a prize. You can also submit poll ideas and if you are chosen, you earn 100 Swag Bucks for the idea.

Refer your friends! Don't forget that you earn matching Swag Bucks for searches that they win on - but not for polls, random Swag Codes, etc. However, sharing your Swagknowledge means that you can help your friends earn the most Swag Bucks and hopefully help you earn matching bucks! Send those brilliant poll questions to pollideas@swagbucks.com and maybe you'll see your poll up on the site.

There's still time to join if you haven't. Joining under my referral link means an extra 50 Swag Bucks for you.

From Sunday, May 2, 2010 from midnight PST (that's 3 AM for us folks on the East Coast...) you can use Swag Code: SWAGNATION5 (case sensitive) and enter it into the registration page where it asks for a Swag Code.

Do you have any Swag Bucks related questions that you're dying to know the answer to? I can help! Just leave a comment and I'll try to help you find the answer.

Search & Win
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