Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog Redesign Thanks to Mami Picture!


You might have noticed that Making Ends Meet has a new look.  I really love it!  The redesign was done by Mami Picture (you can link to her via the button above) and let me tell you, it was an awesome experience.  I suffered with a regular Blogger template for a long time and then downloaded the one previous to Mami Picture's design a few months ago.  I had such a hard time getting things right, comments didn't have numbers, sharing was non-existent... and then came Mami!  She asked for some direction as to what my tastes were, what colors I liked (or hated) and what kind of things I needed/wanted for my blog.  The result is phenomenal!  It looks so nice and she even made me a button (right side bar) that you can take with you and add to your own site if you want. 

So if you are looking for a professional and experienced blog designer to give your blog a makeover, a mini-face lift or do tweaks that might not have the skills for (raises hand!), then Mami is your girl.  If you decide you want to use Mami, tell her I sent you!

Disclosure:  I won a mini-makeover in another blog contest.  Mami did the makeover for me and so much more!  She was a joy to work with, considering I had no idea what I wanted.  She did not compensate me for this blog testimonial. 
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