Monday, June 14, 2010

Going Green: Kids Konserve Food Kozy Review (Plus Money Saving Online Code!)

One day a few months ago, I had an epiphany.  I was packing my daughter and son's lunch and realized just how many Ziploc baggies I was using in their lunch that day.  A bit of quick mental math and I did a double take.  Three baggies per lunch per day times two kids = a lot of plastic baggies per week!  No wonder I seemed to be constantly buying baggies.  So, I did a little research and found Kids Konserve, a site dedicated to making it easier for kids to reuse using their eco-friendly lunch products.  I asked and received a Kids Konserve Food Kozy to review.  Here's the one I received:

Kids Konserve food kozies are also available in orange and cost $23 for 5.  (The image above is clickable and will direct you to the Kids Konserve store to browse if you'd like.)

What I liked about the Kids Konserve Food Kozy:
  • It was easy to wash.  You should not put it through the dishwasher, but instead hand wash it using a mild detergent.  It only took a moment to clean and was ready for use.
  • It held a sandwich and its contents just fine!  My daughter took it to school in her lunch and she brought it back home with her.  I admit, I cautioned her strongly against "forgetting" and throwing it away.  She's 9 though and often is one to remind me to turn off the water so I don't waste it.  She "gets" the idea of recycling and reusing, so she was a good test subject.
  • Using the Kids Konserve Food Kozy made me feel a whole lot better because it was one less baggie I was using and thus putting into the trash.
  • I would love to see Kids Konserve liven up the patterns a bit to something more kid friendly.  To be honest, my daughter didn't like the pattern (I think she was hoping for Hannah Montana or something.)  Perhaps they could introduce a bold and colorful print that would be nice as a visual reminder to make sure the child brings it back home.  
  • The velcro could be a little stickier.  Though the sandwich inside didn't budge, the velcro looked a little loose.  From a visual standpoint, I would make the it so the velcro completely stuck to all parts of the velcro material.  Though it was secure, it didn't always look secure.
  • The item I received was folded slightly off.  This was not a big deal, other than not quite being straight when I fastened the velcro.  I think, though, overtime, I can retrain the plastic to move over a smidge to make it line up a little better.
Buy them:

Visit the Kids Konserve site and buy your own Food Kozies or other great eco-friendly lunch options.  Check out their Snak Pak priced at just $19.  Save some green going green!  Kids Konserve has given me a  15% coupon code valid through June 30 to help my readers save.  Just use "save15" on the ordering page where it asks for a code and you'll receive the discount.

Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this review.  Kids Konserve sent me one food kozy for review purposes at no cost to me.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.
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