Friday, June 11, 2010

Last day for Swag Code (20 Swag Bucks) and List of Daily Swag Code Opportunities

If you aren't a Swaggernaut, today's the last day to join using this code: SUMMEROFSWAG 

You put this code on the registration page to get 20 Swag Bucks to start you off.  Plus, today they are giving out 59 Swag Bucks bills to every 7th search winner.  I've not gotten it (yet *crosses fingers*) but I'm seeing lots of winners streaming on their winner's list.

Be sure to check out their Trusted Surveys too.  I did one the other night for 50 Swag Bucks and got a product test out of it for an educational website that my son has grown to love.

Don't Miss Out On These Daily Swag Bucks Opportunities:
  • Daily Polls:  1 Swag Buck
  • Special Offers: 1 Swag Buck
  • Trusted Surveys:  1 Swag Buck for checking what's available 
  • Tool Bar:  1 Swag Buck for having it installed; awards when you launch your browser 
Videos:  In the scroll bar.  I've seen 2 Bing's for 2 Swag Bucks each; Best Buy for 3 Swag Bucks and several others for similar amounts 

Join today if you haven't already so that you can cash in on the SUMMEROFSWAG code.  That 20 Swag Bucks plus these daily codes will get you off to a great start at Swag Bucks.

Search & Win
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