Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Upcoming Review/Giveaway: Brugo Mug!

I have an upcoming review of a Brugo Mug, but wanted to share that the Brugo Mug may be a gift you should consider for your dad on Father's Day!  They have a sale going on right now that you may want to check out.  

What makes the Brugo Mug so special you ask?  Just lock the top so it is spill proof, tip and sip.  Check out the graphics on Brugo Mug's home page to see how it works.  The design is meant to ensure that your scalding hot coffee comes out at the perfect temperature for drinking.  So no more waiting for your coffee to cool down.  What dad wouldn't love that!

They have lots of colors, too, but this is a look at the Executive Colors if your dad is one to avoid loud colors (such as Flamingo Pink).

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