Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Amazon Prime... if you are a student (need .edu address)

This is a fantastic value!  College students with a .edu email address can get Amazon Prime for free (a $79 value). I already have Amazon Prime, mainly because I order a lot of things... and a lot at Christmas at the last minute.... so having Prime works for me since the two-day shipping gives me lots of procrastination time when it comes to last minute gifts.  I order a lot, too, throughout the year thanks to Swag Bucks. 

Oddly enough, the reason why I originally signed up for Amazon Prime was because my husband was a college student and needed a book for a class toute-de-suite.  It was either Amazon Prime or a long drive to a college bookstore in Northern Virginia.  If you have ever driven up in the DC area, you understand the lure of Prime!  In the end, it was a free 3-month trial back then, which turned into something we truly used and needed in some circumstances.

If you are a college student - or know one - have them check it out.  LINK to Amazon Page for free Prime for college students
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