Friday, July 30, 2010

Prefer Pets Pet Carrier (black) review

I recently made a purchase of a Prefer Pets Pet Carrier in black via  CSN Stores.  CSN Stores is a collection of over 200 stores that you can shop from at one site.  Many of the items available there ship for free, and the Prefer Pets Pet Carrier was one of them.

Why I needed a new pet carrier

We recently lost another pet.  My poor children have bid goodbye to four furry family members in the space of two and a half years. Two years ago it was a beloved 7 year old cat.   Last year was particularly tough since we lost a 1 year old cat (undetected heart problem) and a 14 year old beagle mix within the space of about six months.  Recently, however, it was my husband's 15 year old cat who died.  Regardless of how long we had them, we loved them just the same.

After our most recent loss, my husband asked me to dispose of the cat carrier we had.  It was molded plastic and in good enough condition; however, he pondered whether it had had too many one-way trips to the vet.  So, out it went to the trash, though some lucky scavenger probably snapped it right up.

This decision left us sans a cat carrier, so I took at look at what CSN Stores had to offer and found a duffle bag type of cat carrier with mesh for $34.95 with free shipping.

 Photo from CSN Stores

What I liked about this particular pet carrier was the softness.  My cats never really liked being shoved into a hard box and this carrier is soft and pliable.  It even has an insert that is quite soft and feels a lot like their favorite blanket.  The ends are mesh, as well as the top part of the duffle (as pictured).  You can carry by handles or by attaching an over the shoulder strap.  One side of the carrier has a pouch that closes, so there's a little bit of storage.  It also came with a luggage tag if you plan to travel with your pet.

The mesh feels very strong, thick and plasticky.  It is not made of thready mesh, which would easily snag a hole open with sharp claws.  Both of our 1 year old cats like the bag, probably because they can see out.  They are about 12-14 pounds, and fit nicely inside.  I've left the bag out for several days and seen them climbing in and poking their head out.  That was not something that happened with the other carrier!

Overall, the Prefer Pets Pet Carrier meets our current needs and is a well-made product in my opinion.  I would certainly have returned it if I felt otherwise.

Disclosure:  I received this item free by using a gift code provided to me by CSN stores to purchase a/an item(s) via their site to review here on Making Ends Meet.  Other than being able to obtain a product for free to review here, I was not otherwise compensated.
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