Friday, July 30, 2010

Virginia Tax Free Weekend is next weekend... what are you going to buy?

Next weekend, August 6-8, is Virginia's Tax Free Weekend.  I'm planning to buy lots of school supplies next week and will also be hitting the clothing racks!  I'm not planning to buy a lot of jeans just yet since my kids are mid-growth spurt.  It also stays warmer here into October where shorts do just fine for school, so I typically hold off on major blue jeans buying until it starts to get colder here. 

There are lots of states - including North Carolina which is a border state - that are having their own tax free weekends.   If your state is one offering a tax free weekend (or Maryland - they have a tax free WEEK coming up), let me know what you're planning to buy and stock up on.  I already bought a few things while I was in PA because there's no sales tax on clothes there.
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