Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SponsoredTweets now lets you cash out early (costs you $2)

If you have monetized your Twitter with SponsoredTweets and just can't seem to reach the minimum payout, here's some good news for you:  you no longer have to reach $50 to get paid.  I just saw a blog post there that mentioned the ability to cash out early, albeit at the cost of a $2 fee.  I cashed out and within a minute and a half, I had some bucks in my PayPal account.  Bear in mind, this is income and as such, they do ask for your SSN for tax purposes (you populate a popup screen).  Once you hit the submit button, your money will appear in your PayPal account almost immediately (something I really love about Izea).  So as long as you have $2 to spare, you can cash out early.
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