Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little taste of home... Smith's hot dogs and ham!

We recently ventured back up to the Erie, PA region and one of our last stops before heading home was a Walmart in Titusville, PA where we stocked up on hot dogs and ham.  I know, who does this?  We do, apparently!  When my dad came to visit us the first year we moved to Virginia, he came Smith hot dogs in hand.  My husband loves the taste of Smith's dogs and so every time we go home (or someone comes down to visit) you can bet there's some Smith's involved.

At Easter, we found Smith's online store, but were a bit too late to ensure ham delivery before Easter.  The ham we did buy while home made a rather delicious anniversary dinner last night!  What I love about their ham is it isn't too salty, like other hams.  I'm not dreading those leftovers for lunch today!  

My husband also loves Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, so he was quite happy that his mom and dad brought some when they visited recently.  You can't get that here in Virginia, so it was a nice surprise for him. 

Pinching Abe wants to know:  What food do you miss from home that you can't easily get where you are living now?  Leave a comment and let me know.  I'll check back after I have some ham for lunch...
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