Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barely There CustomFlex Fit bra review #imabzzagent

Since this BzzCampaign is coming to an end tomorrow, I wanted to make sure I posted my review of Barely There's CustomFlex Fit bra.  As a part of this campaign, BzzAgent  sent me a complimentary Barely There CustomFlex Fit bra and matching panties.  Though the items were free to me, the opinions stated herein are my honest take.

Since I'm not about to post a picture of me in these (he he he), I will link you to the Barely There CustomFlex bra that I tried out.  I received the black bra in size Large. 

My thoughts:  I actually loved this bra.  I'm normally strictly an underwire only kind of gal.  Though this bra did not have underwire, but instead had comfort banding, I didn't feel unsupported.   Another nice thing about this bra was that I didn't have any popouts.  I have several bras now that happens to me with and I was very glad to find that was not an issue with the Barely There ComfortFlex Fit bra.

In addition to its fairly good fit (I would only mention that if you are more of a B and a half, the large may feel too roomy in the cup), I liked the way it felt all day.  It felt really comfortable and by the end of a long day, I didn't really notice that I still had it on.  Most of my other bras are uncomfortable by the end of the day and I'm only too happy to take them off to hop into bed.  The ComfortFlex Fit bra is just that comfortable for me.

Image taken from BzzAgent Campaign site

How do you shop for a ComfortFlex Fit bra?  You simply take a look at their smart size chart and determine which bra will fit you.  In my case, a 38B/C, I fell into the large band.  I only weigh 130 pounds, but my rib cage must be larger as I've worn this size band even when I was even 20 pounds heavier (got that baby weight off and then some!)  However, I might want to try a 35B, which would be a medium, just to see if it fit better cup-wise.

The Smart Girls have been criss-crossing the country this summer spreading the word about this bra and a listing of events is listed on Barely There's Facebook Page.  Stop by there and hit the Like button to keep abreast (sorry, bad pun) of these events and more.  This week's events are being held at Belk's in North Carolina, so if you live there, be sure to stop by and say hi to the ladies.  After spending some time in NC, the ladies take a well-deserved Labor Day break before saying Aloha and heading to Hawaii.  Why make the time?  Get a fitting and a chance at prizes!

Disclosure:  As I mentioned above, the product reviewed in this post was provided to me for free as part of the BzzAgent program.  I did not receive compensation to make this blog post.  If you want to be a BzzAgent like me (and who doesn't?!?), please visit to sign up.
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