Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese - extra tickets for playing game on their site

If you are planning to head to Chuck E. Cheese soon, be sure to stop by their site first to play their Ticket Blaster online game.  You can print one certificate per child to take with you and we got 30 Tickets per kid.  This is awesome since you present the extra ticket print out when you are ready to cash in your tickets at the prize booth.

By the way, you should still be able to print and take certificate for good grades, losing a tooth, etc. and get the extra coins up front.  I sifted through my email to pull out some coupons, which were better than the ones on the site when it came to pizza pricing and pricing to buy extra tokens.  In addition, my email had a coupon for a bonus 20 tokens just for using one of the coupons I'd printed!  My kids had lots of good fun today when we celebrated our soon-to-be kindergartener's big occasion - getting glasses!  We wanted the experience to be as happy and fun as possible, so after we picked up his glasses, we went over to Chuck E. Cheese for some fun.  It was a surprise for him - he didn't know we were going there - so it made his day even more special.

The extra tickets certificate you can print after playing the online game is good until October.  Even if you aren't going soon, consider doing it for fun and tucking it into your coupon wallet or purse since I got the impression the online game wouldn't be on their site long.
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