Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Listerine Zero at CVS this week... maybe....

If you saw the ad from CVS this week, you know that Listerine Zero is on sale for $3.99, with $2 back via Extra Bucks.  There is a printable coupon; however, good luck getting it to work!  I tried unsuccessfully to log into the Listerine site, having to request my password via email only to have it continue to tell me that it didn't recognize my email or password.  So, maybe you'll have better luck with getting it to print than I have.  I wanted to shoot a quick email via 'Contact Us', but felt that they were asking too much information.  I don't understand why they need so much information from you to report an error on their website.  This deal is limit 2, but I'm not sure how many prints you get.

Also, the Listerine site offers a $1 printable for the other Listerine also on sale for the same price.  That would make that one just $1 after coupon and Extra Bucks.  Either way, this deal is limit 2, so worst case scenario you're looking at one free Listerine Zero or $1 for the Listerine Total Care.

LINK to Listerine's Special Offer page with coupon links (you do need to either register or log in to get them).
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