Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katz Gluten Free $100 (Katz Dollars) giveaway, plus sampler opportunity

Last night, I entered a Katz Gluten Free giveaway on Featured Product Reviews and if you eat gluten free, you might want to head on over and enter too.  Up for grabs:  $25 in Katz Dollars for one winner and a sampler for a second winner.  However, the blog post also promotes Katz' $100 giveaway, which is definitely worth a try, since entry is super easy.  Who wouldn't want to spend $100 at a bakery on pastries?  I sure would!  I'm not a great cook, nor a skilled baker.  I have come to realize if I want yummy, fresh baked gluten free goodies, I'm going to have to order them online. 

After I entered Katz' $100 giveaway, I was offered a free sampler pack, but shipping wasn't included.  I found a shipping code, SUMMERDESSERT, which for me took $4 off and made the total just over $6.   What's in the sampler pack? 

1 Slice of each of these breads:

- Whole Grain Bread
- Sliced Challah Bread
- White Bread
- Wholesome Bread

1 Dinner Roll
Cookie's and Rugelech Sample
Slice of Marble Cake

Sounds delish!  It ships FedEx and I'm hoping to be eating some gluten free bread by the end of the week! 

Disclosure:  I received no extra entries in the Featured Product Reviews giveaway listed.  I just wanted to share the contest and the sampler pack information with my readers. 
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