Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Maryland Tax Free Week 2010 - Info you can use!

As I mentioned a few days ago, Maryland's having a tax free week August 8-14, 2010.  One really nice thing about their tax free week is that it isn't just clothes and shoes that are going to be tax free.  Au contraire, you can purchase things like diapers tax free during Maryland's tax free week!

For moms, this can be a good incentive to stock up on diapers and buy those jumbo packs too to get a little more bang for your buck.  Even adult diapers are included in Maryland's tax free eligible list, so if you are buying adult diapers for a family member, be sure to grab a few extra packages.

In reality, though the tax free holiday coincides with back-to-school, many clothing items on the list can be  purchased by adults.  Need a new bathrobe?  It's exempt.  Need pantyhose?  It's exempt too.  So don't just buy the kids clothes!  Buy yourself some tax exempt pajamas during the Shop Maryland Tax Free Week event too.  Think ahead to Christmas if you can get past the high heat and focus on gift ideas.

For more info on Maryland's tax free week, see Carol Bengle Gilbert's Maryland Tax-Free Week Isn't Just For Back-to-School Purchases. 

List of Exempt Items
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