Monday, August 02, 2010

My Coke Rewards (MCR) 1 Million point giveaway (need codes from 12 packs)

From August 1 through September 30, you can enter up to three (3) My Coke Rewards codes from 12 packs and potentially win bonus points!  If you don't have any 12 pack codes or don't buy them, you can send away for a code to use (limit 1 per envelope) according to the official rules. 

There are over 79,000 winning times, so your chances are fairly good.  That means over 1,000 winners a day.  From the rules:

Prizes: 8 GRAND PRIZES: 10,000 MCR Points. 61 FIRST PRIZES: 1,000 MCR Points.100 SECOND PRIZES: 250 MCR Points. 250 THIRD PRIZES: 100 MCR Points. 500 FOURTH PRIZES: 50 MCR Points. 78,400 FIFTH PRIZES: 10 MCR Points. 

So, most people will win 10 MCR points... but easy points are easy points and I'm willing to take my chances!  Good luck to all and if you win big, or at all, let me know! 
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