Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shout's Go Play Sweepstakes and product reviews

Image taken from Shout's Facebook Page.  (Clickable image)

Have you entered Shout's Go Play Sweepstakes?  If you haven't, you should head over to Shout's Facebook Page and get your entry in.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Shout is partnered with Growing Tree Toys to offer a fantabulous opportunity to win a Rainbow Play Systems play set and also one of four weekly drawings for $200 Growing Tree Toys gift certificates.   Shout's Go Play sweepstakes ends September 14, so there's still time to enter... and you can enter only once.  To read the official rules, please visit Shout's Facebook page and click on the Go Play tab.  The rules are linked at the bottom.

Why a sweepstakes?  This sweepstakes is to promote Shout's assertion that kids need to play!  We know they'll get dirty, so you might need a little something to help you get stains out when it comes to doing the laundry. Let kids be kids and leave the laundry to mom and dad.

As part of a blogger group through Growing Tree Toys, I was selected to promote Shout's Go Play Sweepstakes by receiving three Shout products free from Shout to review here at Making Ends Meet.   Please bear in mind that the honest opinions I am expressing here are 100% my own.  I was not compensated to write reviews of the Shout products; however, I may win a prize for making this post.  That said, here goes:

Shout Color Catcher:   Of the three products I was sent to try, I must confess that I liked this one the best.  Even using it in a complete load of darks with nary a white sock mixed in, the color catcher still grabbed some red dye that came off my well-washed table cloth.  This just goes to show you that even though you wash something all the time, it still bleeds!  Tossing one of these in will give me confidence to mix loads a little more.  I typically am a white/darks kind of laundress and sometimes I don't have a full load, but want all the laundry done.  Tossing one of these in will give me a little more confidence that hubby won't be wearing (or, more likely, refusing to wear) pink socks.  If your hubby or kids are doing the laundry for you, you may want to insist that the Shout Color Catcher is a must.

Shout Advanced Formulated for Heavy-Duty Stains:  I used this product on a microfiber mop head and also my son's red and white polo shirt.  To be honest, I couldn't tell the difference.  The microfiber mop looked just as slightly dingy after washing as it did when I put it on the mop.  For some reason, I can never get the mop heads the spanking white that they came as, or even remotely close.  The polo shirt had a stain on the white stripe, and I was hoping it would get it out.  Perhaps it was too well set, but in both cases, I didn't have much luck removing the stains.  We're planning to have spaghetti later this week and I'll give it another shot then.  One of us will slop on our clothes.

Shout Triple Acting:  For this product, I chose to pre-treat a pair of white shorts that looked dirt stained.  I sprayed the hind quarters and left it to soak for a few days before tossing them into the wash.  There was minimal, if any, improvement.  Again, maybe I am not catching stains soon enough, but I was hoping to see a more drastic improvement.  I also used this on a different microfiber mop head and didn't see an improvement in that dingy old thing.  Finally, I sprayed some on my husband's t-shirts in the armpit area because his deodorant tends to hang on, even through a wash cycle.  To my surprise, the deodorant smell was gone!  The only bad thing was that the scent of Shout was still left on the fabric in the armpit area.

That's my opinion of these products!  I anticipate using these products on many other fabric types since I'm expecting to be treating lots of grass stains when my son goes to kindergarten this year.

Please visit Shout and Growing Tree Toys online and be sure to keep up with them on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Growing Tree Toys often has promotions on Twitter and, of course, Shout has it's Go Play! Sweepstakes going on now through September 14 on Facebook.
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