Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thermos FUNtainer bottle and food jar review (Shrek!)

I recently received a Thermos FUNtainer bottle and food jar to review here at Making Ends Meet.  When these arrived, I had two kids with grabby hands telling me that Shrek was theirs.  Take a look at what they look like:

The color is very vibrant and another thing I really loved about the Thermos FUNtainer bottle and food jar was the fact that they are made from BPA free materials.  With so much in the news about BPA being bad for kids especially, it does a mom's heart good to know that they are putting their child's food and drink in safe containers.  Not sure if your Thermos product complies with safety standards? Just enter the item number or UPC number in at this website to be able to download certificates of compliance.

Other things I love about these Thermos FUNtainers

If you look at the top of the containers, it tells you how long it will keep your food or drink cold (or hot, in the case of the food jar), so you always know what type of time frame that you are working with when you are packing a lunch.

While I happened to get Shrek Thermos FUNtainers to review, I really love the idea of the different styles that are available.  My son loves (and I mean loves) Star Wars:  Clone Wars.  Thermos sells FUNtainers featuring his favorite character, Anakin Skywalker.   They also have Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, and Mickey Mouse FUNtainers among others.  There's sure to be a favorite character that your little one adores featured on a Thermos FUNtainer set.

Best of all, the bottle is leak proof provided that you close the lid and make sure it is secure.  The caveat here is that you shouldn't put some beverages in the bottle (like soda pop) that might build up pressure and thus force a leak if the pressure gets too high.  

Things I learned from reading the insert in my FUNtainers

1)  I learned that for maximum cooling or heating, you can pre-heat or pre-chill the FUNtainer by using either hot or cold water and letting it sit in the container for about 5 minutes before dumping it out and filling with your desired food or beverage. 

2) Don't use abrasives on the outside if you want to keep Shrek looking spiffy!  You will scratch the artwork on the outside of the container and dull the finish.

3) Don't use bleach on them and though they are top rack safe for your dishwasher, if you want the best results, wash by hand. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with Thermos' FUNtainers.  The no spill bottle is nice for the car and the food jar will be perfect for cut up fruits for lunches too.  I can easily see me packing some grapes for a car ride in the food jar.  Hot stays hot and cold stays cold... something very important to me.  I am paranoid about food poisoning, so I need to feel confident that food is going to stay fresh and cold.  I feel that confidence with Thermos products. 

I did go to the website and view the certificates.  As one who was affected by the McDonald's Shrek Glass recall, I like knowing that the food containers my kids will use are safe for them.

Disclosure:  I received a Shrek FUNtainer bottle and food jar at no cost to me for review purposes.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.  I did not receive compensation from Thermos for writing this blog post review.  I was provided with a link to check the certificate of compliance for Thermos items; however, any other links contained herein were my own and were provided for context.  If you purchase a Thermos product via their website, I do not receive a commission for the sale.
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