Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frozen Gogurt - Easy, Healthy and Quick Lunch Snack

My kids love GoGurt.  I think they'd eat it all day if I let them!  I have, in the past, not wanted to send it in their lunch because I have a deep fear of food poisoning.  I never thought to freeze them, just assuming that you couldn't or shouldn't.  However.... you can and apparently, it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Adding a frozen GoGurt to your child's lunch is a healthy food choice.  It's designed to thaw just in time for lunch so it's ready when your kid is ready to eat.  Yogurt is also beneficial to your body's digestive tract because it supports a healthy balance of good vs. bad bacteria.

GoGurts aren't just empty calories... there's vitamins and minerals packed into it's creamy goodness.  My kids really like the Strawberry Splash/Berry Blue Blast combo.  I put them in their lunches a few times a week and they even want GoGurt as an after school snack. 

GoGurts can also be quite affordable.  Stocking up on them when there's a sale and using coupons will make them a cheap, healthy and fun lunch snack.  Yogurt has a shelf life in the refrigerator that can be extended by freezing them in your freezer.  So don't hesitate to stock up by snagging a sale and using coupons and then freezing a few boxes for later.  Here's a link to GoGurt, where you can print off a coupon to use on your next GoGurt purchase.
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