Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wholly Guacamole products for kids' lunches (Review)

When you think of school lunches, do you think of Guacamole?  I sure didn’t!  Recently, the folks at Wholly Guacamole sent me some products to review in response to a request for products to feature here at Making Ends Meet for my Healthy and Fun Lunch Snacks event.  What follows may surprise you!

Wholly Guacamole sent me some of their Wholly Guacamole classic and spicy, as well as their mild and classic salsa and also a package of their Wholly Queso cheese dip.  These items were provided to me at no cost and no money was exchanged for this blog review.

Wholly Guacamole! I never thought I’d eat guacamole!

I’ll be completely honest here.  I procrastinated in tasting the guacamoles because the avocado green color turned me off.  Way off!  However, once I bucked up some courage and gave the classic and spicy guacamoles a try, I was pleasantly surprised.  I envisioned it tasting as yucky as I thought it looked; however, it tasted really good.  Of the two guacamole dips that I tried,  I much preferred the spicy one.  This was also surprising to me since I typically am one to choose the milder product over a spicier one.  Dipped in tortilla chips, this guacamole is something that I would eat for a snack.  This was the very first time I’d ever tasted guacamole... and I'm on the upward climb to 40.   I had visions of "Green Eggs and Ham" running through my mind... and just like the book, in the end, I didn't mind the green food after all!

Two tablespoons of the spicy guacamole that I liked is 50 calories.  Pair this with some tortilla chips and lunch just got a little bit healthier!  Plus, there are lots of recipes on the Wholly Guacamole site, including one for a Wholly Guacamole Salad bowl.

Wholly Guacamole salsas - Snack sized at 100 calories

Salsa eating kids might like the Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie snack sized salsas with some chips or carrots.  Again, of the two salsas that I tried, I much preferred the spicier version.  I typically don’t eat salsa, but found the spicy one to be quite good.

Baked chips and salsa would make a fun and healthy lunch snack, don’t you think?  Kids get tired of the same old, same old, just like we do.

I also think that the snack sized cups are a good portion size too so there won’t be waste or lunch slops.  The salsa is sealed in cups, just like you’d find if you bought individual sized cups of apple sauce.  The salsa is all natural and you know it’s fresh if it is sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

Wholly Guacamole’s Queso Dip - What hubby thought!

Admittedly, I didn’t try this product.  The ingredients included wheat, so I passed on it.  However, my husband tore into this queso dip like there was no tomorrow.  Very rarely does he tell me to buy a product again and he told me to definitely buy this dip again for him. 

Homegating Season and, of course, Halloween!

Wholly Guacamole products are great for homegating parties and Halloween festivities too.  Here's an idea:  Buy a pumpkin shaped dish and use Wholly Guacamole salsa to make the body of a pumpkin... and then use some Wholly Guacamole to add a splash of green for the stem.  Serve up a delicious and nutritious snack at your Halloween party.

Connect with Wholly Guacamole

Connect with Wholly Guacamole on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on new products, promotions and more.   Looking for printable coupons to use on your next purchase?  Check out this page!  Be sure to explore the Homegating site as there are other offers from other sponsors that you don't want to miss out on.

Disclosure:  The products featured in this review were provided to me by Wholly Guacamole at no cost to me.  I was not compensated to write this blog review and the opinions stated herein are 100% my own or based on the experience of my family while trying these products.  Nutritional information was provided by sponsor or via their website or packaging.  Many thanks to Wholly Guacamole for broadening my food horizons by providing so many of their products to me to review.
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