Sunday, October 31, 2010

Induction cooking to save money and go green

I have an old fashioned stove with burner elements, which I don't really like. It takes forever to heat water to a boil. I recently heard about induction cooking, which is a completely different way to cook. Instead of heating a pan through indirect heat like gas and my traditional electric stove, an induction stove top generates a high frequency EM field, which allows for the even transfer of heat throughout the pan's contents.

This system heats food more quickly (such as a faster boil) so you use less energy while cooking. Another benefit is there are no flames like you would get with a gas stove. Also, since things cook faster and you don't have the heat from burners or flames, your kitchen should stay cooler while you cook. That sounds great to me! Sometimes when I am making spaghetti, I have sauce on one burner and two different spaghetti noodles cooking on two other burners. The kitchen gets so hot from all of the heat needed to cook. In the hot summer, I don't need any more heat in the kitchen than nature has already provided!

This is something I would definitely look into for the future when our stove needs replaced. I am going greener in increments, and anything that saves energy - and thus money - catches my eye.  Now that this technology is getting more mainstream, the cost has come down making it more affordable for the average American. 

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