Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review of Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclonic Quick Vac

A few months ago, I bought a Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclonic Quick Vac at Target for $35.  I promised I'd write a review for you once I'd had the chance to use it enough to give it an honest review... so here it is!

Editing:  This post continues to get a lot of traffic, though it's a few years.  Hence, models have changed.  Below is the current one available at Amazon.  

Color wise, there are some that are out there! The spinach colored one actually makes me sick to look at it, but the berry sprinkle is not so bad. If you don't care about colors, you can opt for a non-traditional color and maybe save a few bucks by shopping online. However, if you went to the B&M Target store, you likely will not save any money based on color choice.

This vacuum also runs loudly.  It is not a quiet vacuum by any means.  If you are concerned about waking the baby, this is not the vacuum for you if silence is a key selling point.   It also blows air out the front, so if you are cleaning up food crumbs especially, expect to chase them.  The air flow will push them forward, which is odd since the Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclonic Quick Vac has some awesome sucking power.  The vacuum head is isn't very big and does not clean edges well.  Some vacuums are designed to clean edges, but this one is not.  That is what your tools are for....

Which brings me to the tool attachments.  If tools are a big thing for you, this isn't the vacuum for you.  You will be disappointed!  The edger tool is very small.  The two tools you do get snap onto the front of the vacuum cleaner, but often pop off if you happen to brush by them.  They aren't very secure when stored there.  The hose is super short as well, so you won't be able to reach high into the air to clean (I'm thinking about my ceiling fans). The hose isn't the only thing that's short... the cord is a bit on the short side too.  Choose an outlet in the middle of the room to get the best coverage.

However, the cyclonic component helps offset some of the negatives.  Every time I vacuum, I am picking up a good amount of fur and dirt or dander.  I am always surprised to see just what magically appears in the canister.  I vacuum a few times a week and there is always a lot of fur in the canister. Most of the time, I empty the canister twice when I vacuum our living room, which is a very large space. 

The canister is very easy to empty.   You just pull it off and push a button to release the bottom of the canister, which will swing freely on a hinge.  I thought at first this would aggravate my allergies, but this has not been my experience.  I typically empty the vacuum canister contents into an empty trash bag in the kitchen so that it rests at the bottom of the bag.  The middle piece will come right out if you notice hair winding around the component that runs up through the canister.

The Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclonic Quick Vac definitely lives up to its name.  It is easy to use and is very light at only 9 pounds - about the weight of a newborn baby!  This was a huge plus for me since I have pain from past c-sections due to scar tissue.  Vacuuming can aggravate the nerve impingement, sending me into extreme pain.  So anything that doesn't overtax me while I clean is a good thing!

I took the vacuum outside to clean my car once and the jury is out on that one.  As I mentioned, the hose isn't very long, which made vacuuming difficult.  Since it is so small and light, I did place it in the middle of my van to increase my reach.  While it is good enough in a pinch, I think I'll just keep feeding the vacuum hose at the car wash because it is more convenient at just 75 cents each time.

Final opinion of the Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclonic Quick Vac:

This vacuum meets our current needs.  Once the laminate is laid throughout the house, all I will need to worry about vacuuming will be some area rugs.  I will still use the tools to grab those dust bunnies that will appear under beds and in corners, but for the money we spent - $35 - it is a great vacuum.  I love how clean my floors get when I use it and though I was concerned about it being bagless, in particular because of my allergies, it hasn't been an issue.  I love seeing everything that is coming off my floor in the canister.  It makes the floors feel cleaner knowing just what came up when I vacuumed.  Though the head is a little small and the tools and hose are not what I would call ideal, I would recommend this vacuum to someone.

Disclosure:  I bought the Dirt Devil Easy Lite Cyclonic Quick Vac featured in this blog review by myself.  Dirt Devil did not ask for me to write this review and the opinions stated herein are 100% my own.  The link above is an affiliate link, so I might receive a benefit it you happened to shop through the link.  

Do you have any questions about this product that I did not cover?  If so, leave me a comment and I'll answer them for you.
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