Friday, October 08, 2010

Secure mobile trading of stocks and more at

It seems that everyone I know has a smart phone, well... except me.  Smart phones can allow you to do just about anything... read a book, check your bank balance, look up prices... and here's one I never thought about until today: secure mobile trading of stocks at

Firstrade Mobile:  Trading on-the-go

Actually, I think it is a pretty innovative idea.  You aren't always tethered to your computer and if you like to trade stocks on your own without the huge expense of a normal broker, then online stock trading via your mobile phone could be a great investment tool to help you balance out your portfolio when you are on the go.  Firstrade Mobile allows you to do just that -- trade on the fly wherever you happen to be. 

Firstrade also offers IRA Accounts

Now that I'm on the upward climb to 40, I worry more about retirement because of the volatile stock market and politicians who talk about Social Security not having enough money by the time I reach retirement age, which will probably be raised a lot higher to try to save it.  Frankly, I don't plan on it being there for me and will assume that I will be the one funding my retirement and not the Social Security Administration.  I do have one IRA Account left over from a previous job, which I am hoping to roll again when I do re-enter the work force.

IRA Accounts are a good investment tool that anyone can use --- meaning you don't have to have a great paying job or a 401(k) to save toward retirement. What I love about IRAs is that you can customize them to your anticipated retirement date so that as you age, your investments are reconfigured to help shield you from the market's ups and downs.

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