Sunday, October 24, 2010

Swag Bucks TV: Are you watching videos to earn Swag Bucks?

I have been watching Swag Bucks videos a few times a day and getting credit each time!  For the past few days, every few hours or so, I sneak into the Swag Bucks TV page and watch a few goofy videos.  I have gotten credited most times I have spent time watching a few videos.  I have seen other Swaggernauts reporting this on the Swag Bucks Facebook page.  The least I've gotten was 4 Swag Bucks one time, while most have been 5's and even one 6!  So don't forget to visit Swag Bucks TV and watch a few videos in between searches.

I've also seen stray videos under the Special Offers tab (Super Rewards) for 5 Swag Bucks.  Check there too and see if there are any available to you.
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