Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photo Christmas Cards from Shutterfly: Now is a great time to order!

I love sending photo Christmas cards.  My family and friends almost all live quite far away and they truly enjoy seeing the changes in the kids over the past year.  Last year, our parish decided to do a directory and we were able to order a rare photo of us all together, smiling nicely for the camera.  That was so nice!  We parents typically snap lots of photos of our kids, and rarely any of ourselves.

For us, we believe as Christians that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus' birth.  Therefore, when we look for cards, we are immediately drawn to religious Christmas cards.  In browsing the Shutterfly site, I found a few that caught my eye!

The Faith, Hope, Love Three Kings' Journey card is one that I liked.  It is simple, yet elegant and portrays the Wisemen making their journey to the Christ child.  There's a Merry Christmas message inside and a bit of room to personalize your greetings.   I also liked the Nativity Blessing card, which features a red background with the Nativity in white relief.  The photo appears just above it with a message that says, "Wishing your family a blessed Christmas".

In addition to photo Christmas cards, Shutterfly also has some personalized gift tags.  If you give gifts to friends (such as Christmas cookies), then check out Shutterfly's cute Christmas gift tags.  I really liked the Mister Penguin design, with Clever Rudolph coming in a close second.  These or any of the tags available there would add a wonderful, personal touch to any gift you give to your friends, family, mailman, hairdresser or other gift recipient.

Special Offers for Christmas Cards at Shutterfly

Right now, Shutterfly is running a special offer for their Christmas cards.   You can get free shipping on your order of $30 or more (use code SHIP30) and their cards are now 20% off.  For those who celebrate Hannukah, Shutterfly also has some beautiful designs for you to consider as well.

Disclosure:  Shutterfly is providing me with complimentary Christmas cards for making this blog post.  The designs specifically mentioned in this post are designs that I, myself, liked when I viewed their card options. 
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