Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wordy Wednesday Update: Falling a little behind...

This week has been kind of rough.  My 5 year old brought home an icky cold and managed to share it with everyone except my 9 year old.  Lucky girl.  Being sick is very unmotivating... and we've fallen a little behind.  We have gotten through 5 of the Series B books from Stepping Stones Together, so that's something! 

Meanwhile, my son is still enjoying making his own books and illustrating them.  His latest creation is Star Wars themed and involves an exploding Death Star and lots of light sabers.

Maybe this week will be more productive!  He is reading fairly well and came home with a short book for homework this week.  It's so exciting to see him finally begin to read more than just odd words.  I tell you what though, that boy knows the word "free".  At the grocery store, he points to all of the buy one, get one free signs and tells me that I have to buy it because I get one free. 
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