Thursday, November 18, 2010

Borders Rewards Plus: Why I won't join....

I recently have received several emails regarding Borders' Rewards program.  One of the main reasons I like(d) Borders over other book stores is that they didn't try to upsell me with a card that would get me more savings.  Somehow, the idea of paying extra for something that is supposed to save me money just does not compute. Just give me the savings upfront, please!  Forking out another $20 or $25 to save money only makes sense to me if you are going to save at least that amount or very close to it on the transaction that you are doing at that moment. 

Hook me with a smaller subscription.  Offer a $10 option and make it good for six months only.  Committing to a year is just too much of a commitment for me these days.  I'm much more likely to part with a $10 bill than a $20 one.

At least this rewards fee is cheaper than Barnes & Noble's fee, which is $25.  B&N, by the way, ia running a special for a two free month's trial membership.  Their programs are very similar, so if you aren't brand loyal, Borders might be an option for you. 
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