Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Pigeon Wants to Paint the Wall....

This week, I've been prepping and painting my 5 year old's room.  He picked out the paint  color, "Panoramic", and I've been busy getting everything ready for the past week, taping, priming, etc.  Tuesday night, I was doing the trim after the kids got home from school.  With my hat tipped to author, Mo Willems, who wrote one of the kids' favorites, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, here's how this conversation went:

 Them:  Can we help paint?
Me:  No.
Can we just paint a little on this wall, please?
Me:  No.
Them:  We promise we won't make a mess.
Me: No.
Them:  How about you let us pretend paint then?
Me:  No. (Pretend painting can only lead then to real painting, which is what I want to avoid here.)
Them:  Just a little?  We just want to do a little bit.  How about here in the closet?

And so this was how I spent an hour of my life!  I definitely had a "Pigeon" moment.  We're now down to one more coat of paint and then painting the trim.  The flooring is hopefully going in this weekend.  The toys, however, will be massively culled down.  No baby toys allowed in this big boy's room.  We'll have to go over the "no cave painting on the walls" rule again just for good measure.  Under his desk, we found some stick figures drawn in pencil.  I'll post a picture when it's all finished. 


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