Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You bought the TV, did you buy the HDMI cable?

I freely admit, I'm not a tech wizard.  I consider things like hooking up TVs and computers strictly my husband's bailiwick.  It's what I lovingly refer to around here as "a man job".  Not to say that I *couldn't* figure out how to hook up DVI to HDMI, but I figure if he has clean clothes, a clean house and a mowed lawn, he can handle the odd job of hooking up the electronics just fine.  

And as long as I'm being honest, the whole concept of cables confuses me.  If he sent me to a store to buy a 1080p HDMI cable, I'm not at all sure I'd come home with the gold plated one for the best picture.  I might not even come home with an HDMI cable, but come home with cat 5 cables instead!

If you are a non-techy woman and are planning to buy your hubby a new TV for Christmas, be sure to ask about things like HDMI cables.  An HDTV is a wonderful gift, but gifting it without the cables you need - almost always sold separately - is like giving your kid the toy he wanted most for Christmas, and forgetting to buy the batteries for it.

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