Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Frito-Lay and Gluten Free Living...

Gluten free is sometimes hard to achieve.  When I'm out and about and need a gluten free snack to satisfy my cravings, one of the things that I reach for is a Frito-Lay product.  They have such an awesomely long list of gluten free snacks.  

Aside from the lack of wheat (gluten), I can also appreciate that they offer a lightly salted line of chips, which are available in Lay's or Ruffles.  Sometimes excessive salt actually hurts the sides of my mouth, which is a drawback to munching on chips.  I tried the lightly salted bag of Lay's that Frito-Lay kindly supplied me with and was very surprised.  I didn't have that salt irritation while snacking.  I do like my chips a little more salty, but I think I could adapt!  One of the big pluses to less salt is that you taste the chip and not the salt.  I could literally taste the potato.

Frito-Lay has also begun to offer whole grain options for some of their chips - including their Tostitos snacks.  These contain 8 g of whole grain corn per serving.  Many Tostitos chips and salsas are gluten free too, which make them a fun and easy snack for me.  I can have safe nachos and cheese!

They also sent me some Sun Chips, but I didn't get any.  My husband and daughter ate those up before I could give them a try. Sun Chips bags are biodegradable (a huge plus) and I do believe they are working on making them a bit quieter.  There was no doubt in my mind when they had their hand in the bag to reach for a chip!  Sun Chips also have 18 grams of whole grain per serving (a good source of fiber.)

One other thing I love is that they removed partially hydrogenated oils from their cooking several years ago, back in 2003, back before there was so much concern over trans fats. Their chips have 0 grams of trans fats because they use corn oil and sunflower oil in making them.  I do personally prefer the taste of chips cooked in these oils.

3 Things you might not know about Frito-Lay:
  • They reuse their shipping containers up to 6 times to reduce waste.
  • Some of their manufacturing plants use renewable energy sources such as solar and biomass boilers.
  • They get their potatoes for their products from over 80 farms across 27 states.
If you eat gluten free, please let me know....
What's your favorite Frito-Lay product? 
I need some variety and I'd love to know which gluten free Frito-Lay products that you enjoy in your home.

Disclosure:  My thanks to Frito-Lay, via its representatives, for sending me a fan pack, which included product samples and other items.  Specific information outlined above was provided to me by the company.  I was not compensated for this blog post.  The opinions as to the taste of the product and how Frito-Lay supports me in living gluten free are 100% my own.
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