Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifting used games for Christmas?

You know, I'm cheap.  It's no big secret in my family that I can usually find a deal on the things that I truly want.  My friend Michelle over at Frugal Fun Family recently wrote a blog post titled "Newer Isn't Better"  that got me thinking about her strategy about saving money on games.  She has no problems with putting used games under the tree for her sons and I wouldn't either.  However, when I asked my husband what he thought about this, he looked agape.

I guess he is more of a believer in spanking new gifts.  I'm more of a believer that the games you buy at Game Stop used are guaranteed to play or your money back.  I'd rather buy more games my kids want used than only be able to buy a few of them at the new price. 

What do you think?  For your own kids, would you feel bad giving them a used game as a gift?
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