Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review of Old Orchard's Cranberry Naturals juices

I recently had the opportunity to try two varieties of Old Orchard's new Cranberry Naturals line of juices.  Below is my review of the two flavors that I and my family tried.

Typically, I only buy cranberry juice when I am having bladder issues.  The tartness of cranberry is a turn off for me, so unless I'm sick, I don't buy cranberry juices. However, I'm a heavy soda drinker and this is both bad for me and my bladder, so I have been trying to make an effort to drink more juice and less pop!  I was very glad to receive two bottles of Old Orchard's Cranberry Naturals to try.  I was hoping that a juice blend would cut down on the tartness that I don't like.

About Cranberry Naturals products:  Cranberry Naturals juices have no HCFS and are sweetened with Truvia.  They have no artificial flavors or preservatives. One serving (8 oz) is just 70 calories.  There are six varieties, which include:
  • Cranberry Raspberry
  • Cranberry Pomegranante
  • Classic Cranberry
  • Cranberry Apple
  • Cranberry Blueberry
  • Cranberry Grape
Cranberry Naturals Cranberry Raspberry:  I liked this juice, though I could still taste a bit of the cranberry tartness.  I would never have thought to pair cranberry with raspberry, but it is actually refreshing. I bet it would be good in a mixed drink.

Cranberry Naturals Classic Cranberry:  Surprisingly, I liked this better than the Cranberry Raspberry variety.  I could still taste the cran tartness that I don't like, but it wasn't as tart as I thought it would be.   It also wasn't as sugary sweet as normal cranberry juices that I buy.  I liked that because to me it made it less tart to taste.

My kids tried both and my juice lover son said he liked both. My 9 year old wasn't interested after taking a small sip.  I would buy this for my son to drink since he liked the taste very much.

Be on the look out for Old Orchard's Cranberry Naturals to appear on your grocer's shelves early in the new year.  

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Disclosure:  Many thanks to Old Orchard for sending me samples of their new Cranberry Naturals(and other promotional items) to try and review here at Making Ends Meet.  The samples were provided at no cost to me and I received no compensation to make this blog post.  The opinions are 100% my own or derived from my family's experience with the product.  

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